Euro DB Automotive Targeting Improved Security Through Fully Automated 

Euro DB Group Pty Ltd Recently Introduced Innovative Features on Their Website

by Mark Paul Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Euro DB Group Pty Ltd recently introduced number of innovative features on their website Euro DB Automotive targeting improved security through fully automated 10-Point security check and Online Analytic to advise its users on Euro DB Automotive overall online effectiveness within specific region. Euro DB Automotive provides a simple, secure and user-friendly classified car website that attracts high visibility in the competitive online cars market. Our aim was to provide easy to useone-stop shop for all your online car classified sales, supported by highly innovative features not available elsewhere. As Australia's fastest growing online used cars sale site, we are proud to say that we're also one of the safest automotive classified websites.

Our 10-point security system ensures only genuine sales enquirieswill ever get through to registered users selling their vehicles on Euro DB Automotive. We are also proud to announce that no other company offers this kind of security.

Luisa Morone Operations Euro DB Group Pty Ltd - Many online classifieds are consistently targeted by organised criminal syndicates with intent of financial gain through deception, often succeeding with unwary private sellers that are unfamiliar of such criminal activities. Targeting both buyers and sellers through online classifieds by posing as genuine sellers whilst positing fake listing often copied from another online adverts with unrealistically low prices with intent to collect partial deposits or full payment to secure the goods.

Another widely used method involves scammers posing as genuine buyers making generous offers for the advertised goods with preferences to use Pay Pal or Escrow money transfer to finalise the transaction. Once agreed, scammer will issue fake invoice statement followed by request to refund for overpayment often referred to as genuine error. Our 10-Point security check effectively eliminates such treats. In fact, since introduction it has intercepted and removed hundreds of such frauds that would otherwise be getting through.

Another innovative product recently launched by Euro DB Automotive allows Private sellers and used car Dealers understand Advanced Demographicscurrently provided free of charge to all registered users.

Mark Prchal; Euro DB Group Pty Ltd - To date, many sites will adopt to number of viewings as promotional tool to enhance their reputation with undecided sellers, but often this tactics are irrelevant as any competitive sites relay on driving traffic on a global scale in order to stay competitive that is often represented by up to 45% of visitors from outside of targeted region. Our Euro DB Analytic takes care of that providing detailed mapped overview of unique visitor’s. Operations And Editorial management.

Mark Kucera - Euro DB Automotive ongoing online recognition through recognised search engines platforms continues to gain momentum. To date we have already surpassed many other long-term established classifieds. Our priority is to provide affordable means of vehicle and display advertising for the automotive industry and distribution throughout Australia. Our customers are telling us of excessive alternatives that can charge up to $12,000 for 100-Vehicle inventory per month through number of different methods. Our promise is to provide effective and innovative selling platform supported by fix price advertising structure that to date received many appraisals from within the industry.

My Self Jasper work with Reputed Automotive Company In Melbourne . We have a strong and committed sales staff with many years of experience satisfying our customers needs. Whether you are looking for a used car,new car is here to help.

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