Shoprider Flagship Community Works No Matter What The Weather Looks Like 

by Richard Foldoe Friday, April 15, 2011

Top Mobility, leaders in online scooter retail, is proud to announce their most innovative scooter to date. The Shoprider Flagship is an electric scooter that defies the laws of normalcy – in a good way. Unique in its shape and features, the Shoprider Flagship can be used by anyone – no matter what the weather is like outside. The limitation to some scooter is that they are wide open, leaving the user exposed to the environment. This scooter fully covers the user in case of rain or other precipitation. With other scooters, being exposed to this type of weather can not only be debilitating and harmful to the health, it prevents one from running necessary errands. Errands still must be run no matter what kind of weather it is outside. Shoprider’s ingenious design provides the user with the capability to ride wherever they please, whenever they please. The canopy enclosure is comfortable and accommodates any type of season. It will keep users safe and protected from the summer through the winter.

This scooter does provide users with luxury that can not be found on other scooters. For starters the canopy is the most prized feature but it also includes a wiper on the front and rear end of the scooter. Scooters of this kind can not be found elsewhere. Though the scooter is uniquely designed, it provides ultimate comfort for people who do not take their comfort lightly. The front and rear end suspension makes this site a great addition to work with, and it provides a smoother ride regardless of where it is.

Users do not have to think of this scooter as a scooter; rather, it can be seen as a smaller vehicle. It has similarities and the comfort in regards to seating. The wider seats lead to more comfort, giving users flexibility to get into a position that they can enjoy. This scooter also gives each user a smooth ride. Smooth riding is a result of the balanced engineering. Often in scooters, balance is virtually unheard of, but in this case, balance is emphasized. Particularly with three wheel scooters, balance is not there – or with smaller scooters. The Shoprider Flagship is a nimbler scooter, but regardless of what kind of conditions are outside or inside, the scooter will maintain its perfect balance through and through. This is important when the user rides in various terrains.

This scooter also has a large driving range. Ranging 31 miles, this scooter is one of the longest-distanced scooters today. It can go as fast as 7 miles per hour. Users will enjoy all the amenities this scooter offers, including and not limited to the easy navigation system, high ground clearance (5 inches), and lower weight (328 pounds including battery and basket).

No other scooter can recreate the ingenuity and creativity of this scooter. Because it can be used anywhere it makes this a diverse scooter, one that many will be proud to ride in. When considering scooters, consider the Shoprider Flagship Community at Top Mobility, where they offer scooters at low prices.

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