Easy Monetary Assistance Through Merchant Account Loans 

Find out why merchant account loan is the best alternative to bank loans.

by Lara Smith Friday, April 15, 2011
(Dover, DE) – Merchant account loans are unsecured funding on revenues that a business will receive in the future. Private small business capital companies offer this type of loan. Most merchant account loans like the one offered at http://merhcantaccountloan.org, utilize future credit card sales, which means there is less paper work than typical small business loans one can obtain through banks.

A merchant account loan is the perfect monetary solution for businesses that have yet to establish work experience. Such businesses will have a hard time securing bank loans. The fact is, most banks review the “5 Cs” when they evaluate business loan applications.

The criteria includes:


It is important for business owners to note that bank loans are usually granted only to businesses with excellent credit and equally excellent credit history. It is not surprising that most businesses are not able to measure up with the discriminating standards imposed by a large majority of banks.

On the other hand, merchant account loans have less stringent qualifications as well as flexible payment lengths. The repayment is pegged to the credit card purchases taken in each day. That said, it is important that business owners exercise some caution when shopping for the right merchant account loan provider for their needs.

Note that there are many merchant account loan providers online and offline. This means there is always the possibility of coming across companies that carry unreasonable default terms, hidden charges and required upfront payments for application. Great merchant account loan providers will provide customers with a low rate than others. It is important that you search for legitimate companies that will handle your loan application.

Reading and understanding the fine print is critical when on the process of securing a merchant account loan. If a merchant account loan agent is less than forthcoming with the charges and the contract itself provides vague details pertaining to the charges, rates or penalty fees, interest rates, etc., think twice before signing up.

A trustworthy merchant account loan provider must disclose all the rates, fees and penalty charges that a customer can expect when taking out this type of loan. If the merchant account loan provider you chose seem to hide or omit certain information pertaining to the charges, it is best to move on to a company that can give you a detailed breakdown of all the charges and fees you can expect as you take out a merchant account loan.

Although most business consultants will tell you that asking for funding from friends and family or through personal savings and credit cards are better alternative than merchant account loans, they are not very realistic. Additionally, obtaining various financing will take time and it is not best to drag your friends or your family into business affairs. The turnaround time for merchant account loans is usually a week with no set payment numbers. By taking out merchant account loans, business owners can find the funding their business needs without having to ask other people for help.

The author is a writer for http://merchantaccountloan.org, a website that offers helpful tips and information pertaining to the conveniences of taking out merchant account loans online.

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