- a new service for enterprises 

The Popesco group, the founder of the professional fax service, has now launched, the ultimate strategy information aggregator for enterprises.

by Oceane Blanc Friday, April 15, 2011 Business Search Services is designed for corporate and independent professionals, marketing teams, and research departments and aims at helping them meet objectives such as:
• Monitoring their e-reputation
• Analyzing the impact of their communication plans
• Tracking the movements of the competition
• Preparing for prospection meetings and sales calls
• Analyzing new business opportunities Business Search Services continuously aggregates information related to your target companies, from hundreds of content providers. Strategator lets you personalize your search and alerts so finely that it collects and issues alerts of all the comprehensive information that is relevant to you. customizable search portal and surveillance tools offer you:
- Access, in one place, to all official information and public data of a company: company legal information, contact information, financial information, online e-reputation and performance.
- A display of a wide range of related “social media” and web 2.0 info, such as: related news and press releases, related documents, related blogs, related Facebook, Viadeo, LinkedIn posts and related Twitter discussions.
- The flexible organization of data in the most suitable way for you to meet your objectives.
- Fully customizable alerts, sent to you by email, for any new events related to a company or a certain category of information, that you can select and refine from your customer account.

Vladimir Popesco, Managing Director of the company says: “We believe that staying ahead of the market in a competitive environment, that is changing faster every day, requires more than the time consuming analysis of unfiltered company information currently available in multiple places across the Internet. Once our clients have fine tuned their searches and alerts, they can benefit from consistent information reports without continuously overspending time and money.
Continuous competitive analysis and company tailored intelligence reporting were once only affordable to large corporations. At last, Strategator puts market intelligence within the reach of SoHos and SMEs, in six countries, by offering the power of professional search technologies at the very low price of €9.99 per month”

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