New Parenting Book Has Readers Hopping! 

The Miracle of Kangaroo Mother Care: Rare Inspiration Stories of Infant Survival offers parents heart-to-heart advice backed by informative, supportive research

by Nyrie Roos Friday, April 15, 2011
March 1st, 2011
Esteemed authors, and parents, Nyrie and Tony Roos are debuting their book The Miracle of Kangaroo Mother Care: Rare Inspiration Stores of Infant Survival ( ) to the literary market and mainstream media. This captivating book is unlike any other parenting publication offered within the global market. It also may provide the opportunity for television promotion with a neonatal intensive care unit practicing KMC.
Composed from a parent’s point of view, the book is an in-depth compendium dedicated to Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC or KC). The book also offers insight from some of the world’s leading experts. Kangaroo Mother Care is a practice applicable for both newborn and full term babies. KMC is meant to pair the behavior, and care, patterns of parents.
The Miracle of Kangaroo Mother Care: Rare Inspiration Stores of Infant Survival is unique because it is styled for both parents and health care professionals. The book is meant to be an advocate for both newborns and parents. The universal principals of Kangaroo Mother Care are simple - skin to skin contact, breastfeeding, and support of the mother infant dyad. The global physiological research contains endless, overwhelming evidence that KMC has superior benefits. In fact, in some underdeveloped countries, KMC care has made the difference as to an infant’s survival.
The Miracle of Kangaroo Mother Care: Rare Inspiration Stores of Infant Survival offers comprehensive information, quirky accounts derived from varied parent interviews, and an in-depth look at health care policies world-wide. Dr. Jack Newman, M.D., recently reviewed the book and provided positive feedback. In addition, Ann Bigelow, P.h.D., also evaluated the content of the book with favorable commentary.
Nyrie and Tony Roos possess a wide-ranging background in the health care industry. They are the parents of four daughters and have three grandchildren. Their goal has been to create an awareness of KMC. The pair has extensive experience helping people deal with adversity in diverse environments. Through their work within the health care field, and as devoted Christians, Nyrie and Tony have participated in many midwife sessions.
The Miracle of Kangaroo Mother Care: Rare Inspiration Stores of Infant Survival promises to challenge what parents, and health care professionals, think they already know of the subject. The book is laced with interesting facts, illuminated with astonishing research, and contains the all-important personal journeys of parents. This ground-breaking book strives to revolutionize neonatal care while promoting further education.
The book is being presented to the media by Tony and Nyrie Roos. We believe the subject matter of this book is needed within a literary market starving for progressive, relatable information.
Nyrie and Tony Roos
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