Things to Be Careful of When Buying an Apartment 

A place to live in is what we are talking about. An apartment is what we are talking about. For today's fast moving world, a place to live in comes right after water in the list of human survival and yet, it is so very expensive these days.

by sanjay cosmossalesforce Saturday, April 16, 2011
Think of something which forms a crucial part of human life and yet you cannot get it in just any store nearby... something which is next to water for human survival..... Something no can do without..... something which, in spite of being so crucial, is not natural.... something which is not available at a cost like Re.1 per glass.....Have you ever thought of a poor man's family under an open roof beside the road and the kind of life they lead??

A place to live in is what we are talking about. An APARTMENT is what we are talking about. For today's fast moving world, a place to live in comes right after water in the list of human survival and yet, it is so very expensive these days. Everybody needs a home and everybody thrives for it. But for those who are able to afford an apartment, owning an apartment is not like a cake walk.

Smart investors always prefer to think a lot and often retrospect or look into the experiences of people who have already invested in an apartment, especially after the incident that formed a cause of recession recently. As it is a lifelong investment and to avoid crying over spilled, let us all think about the point we all should be careful of while buying an apartment.


This is extremely important. Since you are always sure about the approximate number of people who would be living in the apartment, and the visitors as well, you should have an estimate of the scale that would be required for you to live in. It makes no sense to invest in an apartment with three rooms where only you have to live alone with the least number of or no visitors. You should be sure about the number of bathrooms, rooms, balcony, kitchen, etc.

Rules of the society

It is always good to know about the rules of the society where you plan to buy an apartment. Get to know about whether you are allowed to keep pets and plants. Get to know if loud volume of music would be allowed, if late night parties would disturb the society environment.

Key Features of the apartment

Listen to the owner when they talk about the electricity, water supply, accessibility, neighborhood, and other differentiating factors and make sure you keep them in mind while making your final decision. Prior to everything, you must be very sure of your basic purpose of buying the house. Have a check on the activities around and see to it that the area is at least comparatively safe enough to reside.

Value for money

Before investing into just any property, evaluate your own budget. Get to know about the price of the apartment and the other apartments nearby. Check out whether it is worth paying the amount that the owner is asking for. Think of anything you would want in your appartment and ask about it.

Registration and other legal formalities

Legal formalities like the stamp duty, property registration, etc should all be completed at an early stage, before the sale of the apartment. The laws pertaining to the property ownership, like Transfer of Property Act 1882, Indian Stamp Act 1899, Income Tax Act 1961, Indian Registration Act 1908 should all be complied with.

In a nutshell, you have to extremely careful while investing your hard earned money in to your dreams. Always try and deal with a broker who has a good reputation in market. In this way, you can at least be sure that the person would not cheat you. Keep into consideration all the legal and personal reasons for investing into an apartment and try to invest in a property in which you can live for lifelong so that at any point in life, if you feel like selling it off, you get a good value of it at the end.

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