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by Layla Kent Saturday, April 16, 2011
You certainly have a lot of questions to ask if you want to take CPR courses online. In one way or the other, you will want to think it is better to attend the actual class. Others may also want to try. In order to understand how CPR online works and how you can get CPR certification from it, you need to decipher some facts. You should discover how the system works and find what's in it for you. Here's how you can learn about CPR courses online.

# 1 – You have to know who certifies the CPR online class. You may have been told many times to find a credible online site that offers CPR certification. One way by which you can do that is to know who certifies the class online. You need a site that is certified nationally. Otherwise, enrolling in it will not be of substantial value at all. Names of organizations such as The American Safety Training Institute provide nationally recognized online training.

# 2 – Check out the site's syllabus. Just like any other courses, CPR online classes also have its own sets of curriculum guidelines. Basically, CPR techniques are included. You will also be taught on how you may deal with medical emergencies as well as life-threatening ordeals. Some sites offer textbook sources. This, however, should be supplemented by video instructions. This will illustrate basic CPR techniques. Aside from CPR, these videos will also teach you about the Heimlich maneuver. That will help you appreciate the class more thus increasing your desire to get CPR certification online.

# 3 – Learn about how you can take your exams. See how you will be certified through these exams as well. There are quizzes that come with the CPR online course. You better be prepared for that. It is like classroom teaching wherein your tests will be graded accordingly. You also need a passing score to get CPR certification eventually. The score should give you a passing rate of 70%. In case the site says you simply need 30% to get certified, you have to think twice before enrolling.

# 4 – Ask about how long you will be certified. Every CPR certification achieved from a CPR online class has a recertification attached to it. Some sites would guarantee you no longer need to be recertified. It's as if saying, your certification is lifetime. This is a promise that is too good to be true. Actually, a certification issued by recognized organizations is valid for two years. Check on this before you enroll.

These are things you should learn about the CPR online class. The reason why you have to learn these facts is to make sure you will get valid CPR certification later on. You will not want to waste time studying online only to find out that you cannot make use of the license issued by the site. You have to think twice (or even as many times as you want) before you finally sign-up. Weigh in all your options.

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