Guide on How You Can Find Kid-Friendly Toronto Hotels 

Not all travels are for personal and business purposes. There comes a point when you need to unwind as well, and a better way to make that happen is to include family members in the next scheduled travel plans.

by lauren mason Sunday, April 17, 2011
Not all travels are for personal and business purposes. There comes a point when you need to unwind as well, and a better way to make that happen is to include family members in the next scheduled travel plans. Family members, especially kids help in relaxation process and can serve as perfect companions when you are planning to re-discover the city of Toronto. But if you are planning this kind of trip, keep in mind that the kind of preparations is a little different. For example, you have to weigh down your option carefully when it comes to the selection of Toronto hotels and downtown Toronto hotels. What you have to keep in mind is that the downtown Toronto hotels that should be selected should not just be friendly for the adults but for the kids and the young at heart as well. Here are some recommendations you can check when looking for Toronto hotels that can accommodate you and your family in your next trip.
• One good way of looking for Toronto hotels with special services to the kids and the young at heart is to get online and consider niche websites. There are travel-focused websites that are maintained by real travelers that can suggest the best places and hotels worthy of a visit or two. Also, hotel-focused websites that list the best hotels in a certain area is also worth checking. They offer a ‘search tool bar’ where users can search for hotel rooms based on the date of check in and the date of check out. The same search tool bar also asks the number of children that are included in the travel, thus you can be sure that these downtown Toronto hotels allow kids into their premises.
• When searching for hotels in downtown Toronto, make sure that you get in touch with hotels that are near areas where kids love to check out. Parks and shopping centers should be near to the hotel, and in the city you can count on downtown Toronto hotels to deliver since some of the major hotels here are connected to PATH where most shops and entertainment areas are located. Ask the front desk if they maintain the ‘family concierge’. This can help you locate the family-friendly areas in the city. When speaking with the front desk, if possible get the room a view. A view of downtown Toronto can surely excite the kids and the young at heart.
• The room configurations should also be in play when selecting hotels. The other room for the kid should be adjoining the main room.
• Select Toronto hotels that can offer a number of children-friendly services. For example, does it offer baby-sitting services? If not you can look for Toronto hotels that offers amenities and facilities that the kids and the young at heart will love.

The city of Toronto delivers when it comes to tried and tested and full service hotels that do not just give you the amenities for business transactions, but these Toronto hotels also deliver when offering kid-friendly services.

Keep in mind that the needs of kids during travel is different from the needs of adults. So when you visit Toronto, make sure that you compare Toronto hotels carefully, and its best to look for downtown Toronto hotels that offer kid-friendly services.


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