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New Book from the Creators of the Popular “Great Adventure” Catholic Bible Study Series

by Christine Schicker Wednesday, September 01, 2010
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West Chester, PA, August 31, 2010 – The Bible provides a remarkable gift. For Scripture, written by men under the Inspiration of the Holy Spirit, is truly the word of God. Through it, God chose to reveal Himself to man and communicate His loving plan for our lives. As author Tim Gray says, “The Scriptures give us a story in which we can meet God himself, come to know his infinite love for each of us, and respond to his invitation to enter into communion with Him.” The Bible is a means of great spiritual nourishment and enrichment for the people of God.

Reading the Bible, however, can be a frustrating task for many. “As modern readers,” says Jeff Cavins, “we open a book and expect to read it cover-to-cover. But the Bible is not written that way. It is not a novel. It is not a scientific textbook. It is a library.” The Bible is a collection of seventy-three books, written by different cultures over the course of millennia, and compiled almost two-thousand years ago. “If we cannot understand the plot of Scripture,” says Cavins, “we get lost in endless genealogies, names, and battles; we close the book and leave the Bible on the shelf, never learning of God’s story and our place in it.” Finding the story in Scripture is the key to reading it.

In “Walking with God”, authors Tim Gray and Jeff Cavins present the biblical narrative in one continuous and captivating story. This story, which is woven throughout the pages of the Bible, is arranged in an easy-to-read and concise way, giving readers a panoramic view of God’s glorious plan of salvation.

“With keen insight and a genius for making the complex simple, Gray and Cavins help us see the big picture of God’s Word by guiding us through the depths and compelling details of the biblical narrative. This book is an invaluable guide to the mystery and meaning of Sacred Scripture,” says Charles Chaput, Archbishop of Denver.

“In ‘Walking with God’, readers will see that the Bible is much more than an ancient book written for an ancient people. You will see how Scripture is truly the Living Word of God, it is written for us, and we are called to be a part of its amazing story,” says Cavins. “We hope that Walking with God will help you taste and see God’s word anew and how enriching it is to explore the deep mysteries of Sacred Scripture.”

“Walking with God: A Journey through the Bible” is available from Ascension Press at, or by calling 1-800-376-0520.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Dr. Tim Gray or Jeff Cavins, please contact Christine Schicker of The Maximus Group at 404-610-8871, or


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