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by jack green Monday, April 18, 2011
ith the development of society, we are concerned about the convenience and quality of life, but also slowly in the environment we live concern, the Earth's health. More people began to join the ranks of environmental protection, of which there are some world famous enterprises Nike. Regardless of the material in the product or packaging materials, have joined the environmental protection concept.

Nike Women's Training Shoes FREE TR FIT is a green rubber, recycled polyester and other environmentally friendly renewable materials, in a good performance on the basis of movement is also very good in reducing pollution.

Nike athletes from the 2010 World Cup jersey is entirely provided Manufactured from recycled polyester fibers. Shirt need to be recycled every plastic bottle of 8, in order to provide the World Cup jersey, Nike 1.3 million total waste recycled plastic bottles.

The next two years, Nike will cooperate with the City of New York, New York City or repair in 25 community basketball courts, for ten thousand students or young people use. The city's cold, you are "every man slam dunk"the.

nike outlet has been in support of the Homeless World Cup , from 64 countries every year, the poverty of the homeless, the organizers, "the international network of street newspapers" and many Sports brand with the support of the dignity to sports participation. Movement is their new home.

Since 1995, Nike is used to packing boxes from 100% recycled paper manufacturing. 2011 Nike began using a lighter and stronger carton, but also save 23% than the previous material, the equivalent of Nike every year to protect the 20 million trees.

We will adhere to the efforts to protect the earth, we added greenXchange organization, through which we provide to other peers, including green rubber footwear including a variety of patent licensing, everyone can use this technology to reduce the impact of industry on the environment.

Nike oxygen up to 2011 people in our earnings adult Internet sites for several other series shoes, the oxygen maximum quality and authentic passion for marketing the original packaging, they prepare your order for.

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