New Book Reveals the Real Reason Why People Can’t Burn Calories and Lose Weight 

by Robert Key Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Millions of people try a multitude of diets and exercise programs each year in an effort to lose weight, only to give up in frustration. What all those people have in common is plaque that builds up on the inside of the intestines and colon due to parasites. The new book, “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret,” shows readers how to rid themselves of parasites and how to burn calories to lose weight.

“What you need to do is get yourself on a diet that works with your own body functional system to burn your calories,” said Michelle Tason, manager of the website.

Dangerous parasites that prevent weight loss can enter the body in a number of ways, primary of which is through the ingestion of poorly cooked food. They use the body as a food source and as they multiply, they cause the body to puff up, gain weight and affects the health of their host. Even the bladder can be affected. If left unchecked, the parasites continue to grow, secreting chemicals that prevent the body from burning calories.

When they die, if the parasites aren’t eliminated through bowel movements, they can become calcified and lead to blockages and painful swelling for even more damage to the body. As parasites live out their life cycle, their secretions can build up over time and coat the insides of the intestines, creating a skin like material. Readers of “Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” will learn how to shed the buildup of secretions, allowing the body to burn calories for weight loss.

Obesity and the inability to lose weight have been attributed to everything from the food that’s eaten to a lack of exercise and will power. The book shows readers how fitness gurus, the makers of diet foods and supplements, even the medical profession, work to prevent people from knowing the truth. Diets and supplements purported to help people lose weight are deliberately designed to do the opposite.

“Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” provides readers with the methods needed to lose weight, burn calories and feel better. The parasites will cease to be a problem, being eliminated from the body through normal body waste. Readers will feel better and learn how to burn calories to achieve the body they’ve always wanted.

For those who want to rid themselves of parasites and learn how to burn calories, the author offers two options. One is the pro version, a plan that explains how to burn calories and burn fat. The second option is the hardcore elite version that declares war on parasites and fat through a more intensive program that obtains results quicker.

The book’s plan has been featured on various TV networks, with thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. Visitors to the website can also register to receive the author’s newsletter with disease prevention tips, the truth about health foods and diets, and little known tips to burn calories.

“Top Secret Fat Loss Secret” provides groundbreaking information that shows readers why they’re not losing weight, how to correct the problem and methods on how to burn calories that can be implemented anytime and anywhere. The strategies outlined in the book don’t rely on medications, supplements or fad diets that fail to work. The book addresses the underlying causes for why people don’t lose weight, ways to eliminate those obstructions, and how to burn calories for permanent weight loss.

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