GET PAID TO EXERCISE - End The Recession And Get In Shape with a Personal Trainer Certification Program 

by Robert Key Wednesday, April 20, 2011
April 13th 2011
Beverly Hills-California

Have you wished that you could find some motivation to exercise that would last?

A summer trip? Nah, you started putting weight back on again the second you stepped off the airplane.

A New Years Resolution? Nope, that lasted a week and then it was back to sleeping late and eating cookies on the couch.

OK, how about cold hard cash, would that do it? Yes, NOW you’re speaking my language!

If you’ve ever wished you could get paid to run on the treadmill and do pushups then you might consider becoming a personal trainer.

Hmmm, get paid to work out…now THAT’S a thought.

With America’s obesity problem on the rise, and aging baby boomers looking to stay healthy, the demand for qualified personal trainers is dramatically on the rise.

If fact: according to the U.S. Department of Labor:

“Employment of fitness workers is expected to increase 29 percent over the 2008–18 decade, which is much faster than the average for all occupations. These workers are expected to gain jobs because an increasing number of people are spending time and money on fitness and more businesses are recognizing the benefits of health and fitness programs for their employees.”

Most personal trainers earn between $25 and $125 per hour and enjoy flexible schedules that they set themselves.

The National College of Exercise Professionals has been certifying personal trainers for the past 15 years in the Los Angeles area and select cities across the country.

The curriculum of their personal trainer certification program is designed to target the hungriest fitness markets: weight loss, and corrective exercise (functional training) for adults.

Because they are based out of Los Angeles, many of their graduates have gone to work with celebrities and the rich and famous.

It wasn’t until recently that their program was made available for job seekers to complete on the Internet.

Their vision in taking their program online is to help many more people start working AND solve the problem of obesity in America.

According to their Director of Outreach, Leon Lavigne:

“American’s want change, and we want to be part of that catalyst for change. We are in a new era. People recognize that their poor health habits aren’t working for them anymore. Anyone around you can choose to start losing weight at any point in their life. This is happening everywhere: in every town and every city nationwide.

When someone finally reaches a decision to make a change, they usually need a knowledgeable and reliable expert to educate them and hold them accountable to their commitment. They want ongoing motivation and results, and recognize that working out is so much better with a personal trainer.”

People going to the personal training business now will be able to capitalize on the annual business boom that erupts as we get into the summer months.

Contact: Leon Lavigne
Tel: 310/927-2162

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