Casino tax refund for Canadians – are you interested? 

by Layla Kent Wednesday, April 20, 2011
The United States is very attractive for foreigners, especially the ones that are very near, like Canadians. Sure, Canada has its main attractions and is not the place from where people would leave in a hurry, but the US is a lot more appealing from many points of view. One of these points of view is gambling, and especially gambling in Las Vegas.

This is the number one location for gambling for people all over the world. This is where all the action is. This is where you can be anyone you want to be. Time seems to stop here and everything you are used to fades away like a distant dream. When you set foot in Las Vegas, a completely different life starts, one that ends the minute you decide to leave.

This is why many people love coming to Las Vegas and also because they might have a chance at winning some money. Since the destination is very close, it is quite normal to see Canadians winning in Las Vegas casinos every day of the week. With such a hot spot for gambling and fun, who wouldn’t become a passionate and maybe successful gambler?

Canadians winning in Las Vegas is very common, but also very difficult. I am not talking about smuggling or robbing casinos, I am talking about coming face to face with the Internal Revenue Service. This is one of the things you cannot go around.

For instance, if you see Canadians winning in Las Vegas casinos, you should also be aware that they will leave that place with 30 percent less of their winnings. When you see all your hard work being cut down by the forces of the IRS, you would almost cry.

However, if you are in this situation, you should also know that there are legal ways through which a casino tax refund for Canadians is possible. While you are among the Canadians winning in Las Vegas that have been taxed, you should also be among those who will get their money back.

Casino tax refund for Canadians is possible due to a legislation agreement between Canada and US. There are certain other countries that also qualify for a refund as the one mentioned afore, but we are not talking about them here.

In your battle with the IRS claiming casino tax refund for Canadians, you should be prepared for a durable process if you are not well prepared. In order to avoid this, you should think about soliciting professional help from a team that specializes in such problems.

A very good example of a team that has filed more claims for casino tax refund for Canadians that any other institution can be found at If they are not able to be successful in your claim, then no one else will be!

With a ten year background and an immaculate record of claims for casino tax refund for Canadians, they are just what you need. And if they are not successful in their claim, you are not required to pay any commission or fee. They get paid only if you get paid.

Resource box: If you are among the Canadians winning in Las Vegas who have suffered from the long arm of the IRS, then you should claim your money back. With the team from the website mentioned afore, casino tax refund for Canadians is no longer a distant dream, but a reality within your grasp.

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