How to Get Creative with Your Next Easter Egg Hunt 

by Frank Wilson Thursday, April 21, 2011
The best games are those that tickle the minds and the imagination of the participants. These are the games that keep their minds running, at the same time the ‘fun’ component is not taken out of the equation. Traditionally, these are the games that you find during special occasions for example like the Easter egg hunt that features creative treasure hunt puzzles that can make kids think and make use of their creative and research skills. And with the Easter Sunday just around the corner, more and more kids are anticipating the fun and the challenge of every Easter egg hunt packed with the best treasure hunt puzzles.

If you are trying to come up with another version of an Easter egg hunt, then you should be aware of the best treasure hunt puzzles and of course you should know what this egg hunt is all about and why it’s done during the Easter. This celebration is anchored on the ‘egg’ which is considered as the pagan symbol of the rebirth of the Earth. And since this kind of concept has the same connection and ring to the resurrection of Jesus Christ that happens during early Christians, it was decided that this symbol should be adopted. And right now the egg is being used as the symbol for resurrection during Easter. And the egg hunt can be referred to as a symbolical manifestation of the belief of resurrection and rebirth. In the most basic application of the game, the eggs are dyed-painted. But for modern applications, plastic eggs are used and painted and these plastic eggs are stuffed with candies. Now these eggs are hidden by the ‘Easter Bunny’ and the kids go after these eggs.

But this kind of celebratory game can still be improved with the use of creative treasure hunt puzzles. One good way to make that happen is through the use of pictures as clues in the search of eggs. For this version of the scavenger and egg hunt with clues using pictures, what you can do is to take a picture of the location of the hidden clue or where one of the eggs is hidden. For young adults, what you can do is to take a picture of a small portion of the clue. For example if the egg is hidden under the garden bench, then you can take a picture of a portion of the garden and the bench.

If under the bed, then a partial image of the bed can be taken. The use of pictures and these clues help spice up any Easter egg hunt activities. And in order to give them all the chance to have an access to these clues, what you can do is to scatter the pictures in one designated area. And they can pick one picture or treasure hunt puzzles in search for the egg. So the next time you are planning your hunt, get creative in dispensing clues in order to heighten the excitement and the fun level of the participants.

Make your next Easter egg hunt fun by making use of creative treasure hunt puzzles. One good way to do that is by making use of scavenger picture clues that can lead them to the eggs.

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