Thinking eCigarettes Can Help You Quit Smoking? Think Again 

Find out the real dangers behind the popular electronic cigarettes devices

by Ruth Skelley Thursday, April 21, 2011
(Dover, DE) – Chronic smokers who need help quit smoking all over the world rejoiced when eCigarettes or electronic cigarettes are created and mass-produced. This device looks like a regular cigarette but do not contain tobacco. What the device does is to deliver pure nicotine to users through a battery-operated cartridge. While most smokeless cigarettes will say that there is nothing in their product that can cause illnesses associated with tobacco use, they are not 100% sure that eCigarettes are safe. Currently, the US Food and Drug Administration or FDA, as well as other groups, warned the public that eCigarettes is dangerous to health.

Although nicotine is not a carcinogenic substance, there is no scientific proof that delivering pure nicotine to the longs will not affect a person’s overall health. The ingredients of some electronic cigarettes also contain harmful substances.

In a press release by the FDA in 2009, the public was warned that laboratory analysis indicated the presence of poisonous substances released by eCigarettes, including diethylene glycol, an anti-freeze agent. In addition to poisonous substances, the manufacturers and distributors of eCigarettes do not place appropriate labels that warn the public about the potential dangers of smokeless cigarettes.

As for effectiveness, there is no proof that this device help users quit smoking cigarettes. Researchers at the University of California used a smoking machine to calculate how strongly users must users puff in order to get the same amount of nicotine they get from tobacco cigarettes. After testing five eCigarette brands, researchers found that all but one brand required stronger suction than tobacco cigarettes. Stronger puffs cause users to inhale nicotine deeper into the lungs, which leads to compensatory smoking.

Unfortunately, advertisements for smokeless cigarettes are geared towards young people. Distributors and manufacturers not only mislabel these devices, causing people to unwittingly absorb more nicotine than traditional tobacco cigarettes, they also sell smokeless cigarettes to young people! Touting smokeless cigarettes, as safe alternative to cigarette smoking is not only an outright lie, it also encourages young people to smoke the device and eventually lead to nicotine addiction in their youth.

Smokeless cigarettes in a way to help people quit smoking tobacco products but as users get addicted to nicotine, they are likely to become dependent on these devices. Unfortunately, this product is not proven safe and effective by major regulatory boards.

It is best to stick with a safe way to help quit smoking rather than experiment with devices that are suspected by the FDA as equally dangerous as smoking tobacco. There are many smoking cessation products that can help quit you quit smoking, particularly products that contain all-natural products.

If you want to quit smoking for good and avoid cravings or withdrawal symptoms caused by quitting smoking, try an FDA- approved smoking cessation product offered online. If you really want to quit smoking for good and lead a healthier life, a quick search online will provide you the information you need regarding these products and their proven effectiveness.

The author is a regular contributor for, a site that provides useful tips and relevant information pertaining to the dangers of smoking and how to effectively break this bad habit for good.

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