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by amy perry Friday, April 22, 2011
It is well known that green tea is one of the healthiest tea varieties, containing antioxidants and plenty of other beneficial compounds. As a change from the traditional way of shopping, purchasing green teas online offers a completely new scope to: obtain quality teas directly from suppliers; find information about different tea varieties; discover tea health benefits; learn the best preparation methods and even join an online discussion. You can also compare prices, though do be very aware of the pitfalls as there is a vast quality range for each green tea type (loose tea only). Take Dragon Well, for example, – the most popular Chinese green tea - the price varies up to 1000 times on the Chinese market, based on the quality of the tea.

Green tea is the biggest class of Chinese teas, with more than 300 recorded varieties and many teas from small family producers have not even made it into the tea books. With the boom in online business, green teas are emerging rapidly on various websites; some are exclusive Chinese tea suppliers and others include coffee businesses, health food stores and alternative medicine practitioners. With so many varieties to choose from and such a vast quality range, it is hard to know where to start especially for the green tea beginners.

Advantages of purchasing online:
• It is a source of concentrated and relevant information: Most sites will only display information relevant to the products they supply, but a good website should be a comprehensive source for gathering information about the different tea varieties, their health benefits and instructions for preparation.
• You are more likely to obtain fresh teas: Freshness is crucial when it comes to green tea quality. For example, Valley Green Tea source new season fresh green teas directly from the tea farmers in China. The teas are imported to Australia by Air freight and stored under refrigeration. The tea orders are then sent directly to the tea drinkers. With the absence of lengthy shelf exposure, storage at sub-optimal temperatures and other green tea damaging factors, the likelihood of tea remaining fresh and of premium quality is significantly increased.

As mentioned earlier, there is a wide range of quality for each type of loose leaf green tea (this does not apply to teabags). It therefore offers an opportunity for the more unscrupulous tea merchants to supply low quality teas to fetch a bigger profit margin.

A few precautions you can take in order to help you to avoid potential disappointments:
• Request tea samples before purchase, if possible.
• Find a reputable supplier and stay with it. Like all other businesses, good tea suppliers invest in building their credentials around the quality of their products and services. Recommendation by someone you know is invaluable, otherwise voluntary online reviews posted by genuine tea consumers also provide excellent indications.
• If anything appears to be too good to be true, the chances are that it is not true; (unless the arguments are backed by solid evidence such as original research reports). There have been many false claims and testimonials posted on certain websites during recent years, especially in relation to green tea and weight loss. Terms such as ‘super fat burner’ and ‘secret slimming tea’ have been used to lure those vulnerable people looking for fast track weight loss. Dealing with these websites can lead to far more than just a disappointing experience.
• Use a local supplier if possible. When there is a dispute either about the product or the service, dealing with an overseas company becomes almost impossible.

Buying online has provided many tea consumers with an opportunity to source high quality, authentic green teas they never used to be able to access. Gaining tea experiences is a personal journey in itself; being a good online shopper is also a challenge, especially for those who are not familiar with loose leaf fresh green teas. Just like with conventional shopping, when you keep an open eye and analytical mind, the products that suit your needs will be found - in this case a nice cup of green tea for you to enjoy.

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