Dental Implants: Bringing Back your Smile’s Luster 

by Frank Wilson Saturday, April 23, 2011
A missing tooth can put one in a tight fix. But the good news is if you are worrying about your missing tooth, you still have a chance to restore your beautiful smile through dental implants. Many innovations have been introduced in the world which paved the way to better dental procedures to patients. The dental implants administered by a competent dentist in New Westminster can bring back your lost smile both in function and in appearance. This procedure is very advantageous to those who are extremely bothered with their tooth loss since these dental implants have a long life.

Dental implants must be properly maintained by patients at home and by regular dental check-ups. The only setback of this procedure is that it can be costly due to the lack of dental insurance coverage for this procedure. A dental implant is classified as a cosmetic item hence it is not covered by the dental insurance companies. However, due to the 95% success rate, it is definitely worth your pennies.

A dentist in New Westminster who performs dental implants uses a metal called titanium. This particular metal is used because of its numerous beneficial properties including bio-compatible and corrosive resistant, which are very ideal for placing in the mouth.

Dental implants actually have three components, the titanium implant, abutment and holding screw. Once these three components are assembled, they have a length of at least two centimeters. These implants also vary in shapes and sizes hence patients can find the best one for their individual needs. After the dental implants are surgically placed, you may ask your dentist in New Westminster to restore them with a porcelain crown or a bridge.

Take note, however that a dentist in New Westminster must use nothing but the latest dental implant technology in order to guarantee a smooth and painless procedure. Before the procedure, a modern imaging technology is used in order to show patients how their teeth will appear after the procedure.

The dentist in New Westminster also uses advanced dental anesthesia to ensure a painless dental implant procedure. Every dentist aims for patient comfort so this should be highly considered when you are on the lookout for a dentist who will perform the dental implant procedure.

With today’s technology, you no longer have to live in agony just because of a lost tooth. Dental implants are the ideal solution to your dilemma. Every year, dentists from all parts of the globe execute this procedure because many more patients are asking for dental implants. These patients want to feel good about themselves again and show everyone their healthy smile. So if you are thinking of getting dental implants, then you can search for the best dentist in the New Westminster area.

A competent Dentist in New Westminster must be able to provide you with excellent dental implants. To find the best dentist in town, you can always check the Internet for other information.

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