Ask For Help and Don’t Let Acne Ruin Your Confidence 

by amy perry Saturday, April 23, 2011
For many teens and young adults too, acne is considered as serious skin issue. Though not as serious as compared to other skin complications still there is something about this skin breakout that makes teens and young adults uneasy. If left unattended, acne can serve as a morale ‘killer’ that can easily shoot down the confidence of anyone. And when this is left untreated then this can lead to further complications like acne scarring which can be more difficult to handle. For this reason, it is always the recommendation of skin professionals like the dermatologists not to take acne lightly. At the first appearance of this skin breakout, a consultation or check up with the dermatologist is necessary. This is a common condition that affects millions of people, and the probability of having this is at its highest during the puberty stage. And when this is not properly handled, then this can lead to permanent scarring.

Acne scarring is something that every teen or adult should avoid since this has a strong effect not just to the physical condition of the facial skin but can also have a say on the morale of the person. Medically, the acne scarring refers to that process where the collagen that is found in the skin has been damaged and this is due to inflammation. The damages that happen on the skin thus lead to permanent change in the texture in the skin. In short, the once fine and good looking skin may look ‘rugged’ due to acne scarring.There are different kinds of scarring that should be noted, and this can be explained further by a skin doctor. The different kinds of acne scarring include the ice pick scarring, the atrophic scarring and the hypertrophic scarring. For the ice pick scarring, you will notice the deep pitted scars and these scars come with steep edges. The atrophic scarring is also pitted but the edges are not too deep as compared to the ice scarring.

And finally the hypertrophic scar on the other hand is normally seen at the chest or at the back of the person. For all these types of acne scarring, color changes can be noted from that pinkish color to purple to brown and black discoloration. In short, scarring is not only a physical problem but a psychological one since many teens get depressed when they are at the receiving end of acne.

But when this happens to someone that you know, keep in mind that there are solutions to acne. There are online clinics that offer skin health advises, and usually these online clinics do offer suggestions on what medications to take to address the skin inflammation. Most of their websites offer an online consultation link where patients can enter important health and personal data (including medical history) then recommendations will be dispensed. Acne may affect you, or your kid will be affected sooner or later and when it happen its best to go online to consult with representatives of online skin clinics.

Resource Box: Acne and acne scarring will happen to millions of teens and young adults. Attend to that skin issue immediately by contacting reliable skin clinics online.

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