Celebrities Endorse the Electric Cigarette 

Increasingly, celebrities have been seen puffing on an electric cigarette.

by Nick Evans Tuesday, April 26, 2011
Goodyear, AZ - Electric cigarette company Red Dragon has recently noticed the increased popularity of electric cigarettes among a variety of celebrities. "More and more celebrities have been seen enjoying electric cigarettes. They don’t harbor the toxins you find in tobacco cigarettes - and they’re just nicer to puff," observes Nick Evans of Red Dragon, an electronic cigarette manufacturer.

In March, 2011 Leonardo DiCaprio was observed puffing an electric cigarette on the streets of New York. While Katherine Heigl made a famous September, 2010 appearance on the Late Night with David Letterman show. She advocated the alternative cigarette and said she had unsuccessfully tried many other ways to stop smoking. She showed Letterman how electric cigarettes function and the host gave it a puff.

The 2010 movie, The Tourist, includes the sight of Johnny Depp enjoying an e-cig - a demonstration of their increasing popularity. "When they're used by celebrities, the public understands how e-cigs work and know they're a real alternative to tobacco," explains Evans.

More celebrities have been seen using electronic cigarettes, such as: Kevin Connolly, Kate Moss, Eric Roberts, Danny Bonaduce, Nikki Reed, Kevin Federline, Tom Petty, Ryan Seacrest, Taryn Manning, and Jose Conseco. Arnold Schwarzenegger, as governor of California, rejected a bill that would have prohibited e-cigs in the state.

Well-known as a chain smoker, Charlie Sheen was prohibited from lighting up on stage during Canadian stops on his Torpedo of Truth road tour or he would have incurred a $100,000 fine and caused his show to be cancelled. Sheen used electric cigarettes instead.

Red Dragon's electric cigarettes generate no smoke, tar, or the other toxic chemicals produced by tobacco. Instead, they employ a microchip, sensor, and atomizing circuit. As the user inhales, the circuit is stimulated, vaporizing cartridge's nicotine and flavor solution. The company's electronic cigarette cartridges last longer and create more mist than other brands.

"Red Dragon's electronic cigarette kits are a good value," observes Evans. "They are more inexpensive than many other brands, but they offer many different flavors and nicotine strengths - with a long-lasting cartridge."

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Red Dragon electronic cigarettes don't contain, tar, smoke or the toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke. Electronic cigarettes are designed with a microchip, sensor and atomizing circuit.

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