MetricNet’s Jeff Rumburg To Deliver Keynote Address At HDI’s Philadelphia Vendor Forum 

"Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner of MetricNet, has been selected to deliver the keynote speech at HDI’s Philadelphia Vendor Forum on September 16th......"

by metricnet metricnet Monday, September 13, 2010
McLean, VA., September ,13, 2010: Jeff Rumburg, Managing Partner of MetricNet, has been selected to deliver the keynote speech at HDI’s Philadelphia Vendor Forum on September 16th. Rumburg’s keynote address, Unleashing the Enormous Power of Service Desk KPI’s, is based upon decades of research into help desk best practices, and will draw heavily upon MetricNet’s benchmarking database of help desk process and performance indicators.
“I was flattered and honored to be chosen as the keynote speaker for HDI’s Philadelphia Vendor forum.” says Rumburg. “Metrics and Benchmarking are two themes that have been central to my career. So I look forward to sharing my expertise in these areas, and communicating how KPI’s can be used to build a competitive advantage for any help desk.”
Mr. Rumburg is a co-founder and Managing Partner of MetricNet, LLC. He authored a best selling book on Benchmarking, and has been retained as a call center and service desk expert by such well-known companies as American Express, Hewlett-Packard, Allstate Insurance, and General Motors. Equally broad is his industry experience, which includes project management and delivery responsibility in virtually every major industry.

Prior to co-founding MetricNet, Mr. Rumburg was president and founder of The Verity Group, an international management consulting firm specializing in service desk and call center consulting. As president of The Verity Group, Mr. Rumburg launched a number of syndicated benchmarking services that provided Information Technology benchmarks to more than 1,000 corporations worldwide. These included the Help Desk Benchmarking Consortium, and the Call Center Benchmarking Consortium.

Mr. Rumburg has also held a number of executive positions at META Group, and Gartner, Inc. As a vice president at Gartner, Mr. Rumburg led a project team that reengineered Gartner’s global benchmarking product suite. And as vice president at META Group, Mr. Rumburg’s career was focused on help desk and call center consulting.

Mr. Rumburg's education includes an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School, an M.S. magna cum laude in Operations Research from Stanford University, and a B.S. magna cum laude in Mechanical Engineering. He is author of A Hands-On Guide to Competitive Benchmarking: The Path to Continuous Quality and Productivity Improvement, and has taught graduate-level engineering and business courses.

About MetricNet
MetricNet is the global leader in Service Desk, Call Center, Desktop Support, Agent Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction benchmarking. With more than 1,400 benchmarks completed worldwide, MetricNet has the most comprehensive database of process and performance metrics in the industry. MetricNet benchmarks encompass virtually every industry and government sector, and address all major business areas including IT, customer service, technical support, human resources, finance, and sales.
MetricNet’s mission is to provide their clients with the benchmarks they need to run their businesses more effectively. MetricNet is committed to making the benchmarking process quick and easy for its customers. They have pioneered a number of innovative techniques to ensure that their clients receive fast, accurate benchmarks, with a minimum of time and effort.
To get more information about MetricNet, go to or contact Jeff Rumburg at 703-992-8160;

Jeff Rumburg
Managing Partner
MetricNet, LLC
1431 Mayhurst Blvd
McLean, VA 22102
Telephone: 703-992-8160
Facsimile: 703-992-8130
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