Little Town of Bethlehem Shares Hope in Midst of Violence 

A new documentary on the nonviolent peace movement and the Israel/Palestine conflict will release internationally this fall. The three protagonist from Little Town of Bethlehem will be on a University tour in September to talk about the film and the nonviolent peace movement.

by Diane Morrow Tuesday, September 14, 2010
Oklahoma City, OK USA—An Israeli Jew, a Palestinian Christian and a Palestinian Muslim tell their stories and share their dream for peace. They will be a part of a lecture tour at a variety of venues including Boston College, Georgetown, The National Cathedral, DePaul University, USC and UC Berkeley. The panel discussions with students about this movement will be hosted by professors, clergy leaders and community leaders around the globe. Over 120 screenings are planned internationally in Europe, Asia and North America.

Filmed on location in the West Bank, Tel Aviv, and Jerusalem, Little Town of Bethlehem brings awareness to a growing nonviolent movement in the Middle East that rarely, if ever, makes
international headlines.

About the protagonists
Sami Awad is a Palestinian Christian whose grandfather was killed in Jerusalem in 1948. Today he is the executive director of Holy Land Trust, a non-profit organization that promotes Palestinian independence through peaceful means.
Yonatan Shapira is an Israeli Jew whose grandparents were Zionist settlers who witnessed the birth of the Israeli nation. Today he is an outspoken advocate for the nonviolent peace movement, both in his homeland and abroad.
Ahmad Al'Azzeh is a Palestinian Muslim who has lived his entire life in the Azzeh refugee camp in Bethlehem. Today, Ahmad heads the nonviolence program at Holy Land Trust, where he trains others in the methods of peaceful activism.

Like all EGM films, Little Town of Bethlehem was created with a global youth audience in mind. But this film will connect with any viewer who desires a deeper understanding of conflict resolution. “The major themes in the film are universal and timeless. The desire to end violence through nonviolence is not a demographic phenomenon, though often it is youth that mobilize. The theme of this film is appropriate for anyone who deals with conflict. This hopeful message of equality is for all,” says Jim Hanon, chief creative officer at EGM and the film’s director. “Little Town of Bethlehem doesn’t focus on who’s right or who’s wrong. The focus is on three men from different places and with different backgrounds who struggle together toward this common goal through nonviolence. We feel that the nonviolent approach promoted by the film is a humanitarian message with the power to transcend religions, nations, politics, languages, and cultures.” Watch the trailer at

University Lecture Tour dates:
• Sept 21 Boston College in participation with Boston University
• Sept 22 University of Rhode Island in participation with Brown University
• Sept 23 The Riverside Theater NYC
• Sept 24 Georgetown University and also sponsored by American University, Nyack College, and George Washington University
• Sept. 25 The National Cathedral
• Sept. 27 De Paul University in participation with North Park University
• Sept 28 Carnegie Mellon University
• Sept. 28 Wayne State in participation with University of Michigan
• Sept. 29 Oklahoma Christian University in participation with Southwestern University
• Sept. 30 University of Southern California in participation with the Peace Center of United University Church and Biola University
• Oct. 1 UC Berkeley International House in participation with St. Mary’s College, University of San Francisco, Metta Center for Nonviolence Education, Middle East Children’s Alliance, and the American Friends Service Committee

View the trailer at or contact us for a screening copy.

The launch window is set for September 21, World Peace Day, and ends on October 2, Gandhi’s birthday, the International Day of Nonviolence.

Diane Morrow is Vice President of Publicity for The B&B Media Group based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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