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by Robert Key Thursday, April 28, 2011
The decision to have children, for most, is a huge step in their lives. When the day comes and you give birth to your first lovely little son or daughter the world seems like the best place ever. You finally have that little toddler that you always dreamed about so everything is just perfect and then, as your body recovers you notice the stretch marks.

Press Release April 24th 2011

Caroline Lennay is a mother of two that knows exactly how many women suffer from stretch marks and has put together an amazing new blog called Revitol Stretch Mark Cream. Caroline made the mistake with her first pregnancy of not using any stretch mark cream and as a result ended up with some unsightly stretch marks. With her second pregnancy she decided not to make that same mistake twice and duly applied a cream all the way through. To her amazement she found that not only did she have any new stretch marks but that the old ones were incredibly faded.

Caroline used Revitol Stretch Mark Cream which contains no abusive chemicals and has no odd smelling odours. The cream doesn’t only reduce the stretch marks but can also leave your skin feeling soft and smooth. During your pregnancy your body will undergo some huge changes and the most notable is the size of your belly. This growth stretches the skin and will cause you to be left with stretch marks unless you use a product such as Revitol Stretch Mark Cream, this will allow your skin the ability to grow with you as you get bigger and then go back to normal size after.

At you will find reviews on this great product and how to purchase it. The cream can also be used should you be thinking of going on a diet as you will be losing a lot of weight off each part of your body it can help prevent any stretch marks appearing.


Caroline decided to write a blog about Revitol Stretch Mark Cream from her own experiences during pregnancy and has done a fantastic job of sharing as much information on the cream as possible with some great reviews. As she suffered from stretch marks in her first pregnancy, she decided to get out there and let women know about this product so that they do not make the same mistake as herself. This site is well worth a visit if you are pregnant, thinking about it or if you wish to lose weight through a diet.

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