Colours, Lights, Places: A Journey in Photographs

by Nicole Mccafferty Thursday, April 28, 2011

Award winning film maker Dan Abramovici’s Colors, Lights, Places debuts at Contact 2011

TORONTO, ON APRIL 6, 2011 -- Award winning short film maker Dan Abramovici freeze frames his world view into an expansive exhibition for this year's Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival in Toronto.

His films have been featured and honoured in 12 international film festivals. He has created powerful portraits of celebrated Canadian comedians, and, after years of developing a body of photographic landscapes, Dan Abramovici presents Colours, Lights, Places: A Journey in Photographs in Toronto's famed Queen West Gallery District.

Colours, Lights, Places: A Journey in Photographs unfolds like an epic film - each shot more expansive and heightening than the next, yet there is an intimacy that connects us with the subject of every frame - be it the texture of a rail board next to a mountain range or a club kid cocooned in a spiral of glow stick light.

As Abramovici traversed the globe from Argentina to Croatia his collection of stories through images has transformed into this series of visual gems on offer at this year's Festival. Viewers are treated to a celebration of magnificent vistas and offered many insights into the inner vision that has contributed to this man's success as a film maker.

Whether crossing borders or traversing art forms, Abramovici’s work has no boundaries. “As a photographer, comedian, and film maker one of my greatest joys is finding the subtle nuances in our world that many people may overlook. It’s those little details we all recognize and connect with that I want to share.”

An important detail is his choice of venue for his exhibition: "I feel a special connection with South American narrative. The energy of the continent has been a muse for me, and I wanted to re-pay that gift in some way." El Almacen is a South American owned gallery/cafe, which is a secret source of inspiration for many local artists.

This detail within the context of the large scale of Contact speaks to Abramovici's ability to see the blade of grass under the mighty oak tree. Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival is the world's largest festival of photographic images with over 1.5 million visitors annually.

Over 1000 local, national and international artists are showcased each year at more than 200 venues throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Part of the Contact Festival's cache is the chance to experience photography in unexpected locales, which, in this case, is as provocative as the exhibit itself.

Colours, Lights, Places will take place at El Almacen (1078 Queen St West, Toronto). The opening reception begins at 7pm on April 28, 2011 and will feature South American live music, refreshments and cuisine. Admission is free.
Nicole McCafferty

Dan can be contacted directly at 416-575-5757
He resides at 48 Abell st #317

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