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by Layla Kent Thursday, April 28, 2011
The bustling city of Cap Haitien in Haiti is situated at least six hours by road from Port au Prince depending on the mode of transportation you choose and the traffic you experience along the way. The other reasonable alternative is to fly there from Port au Prince; the prices offered for charter flights are discounted and you take advantage of the group discounts on scheduled flights. You can check out the flights to Cap Haitien if you are traveling to Haiti on behalf of a humanitarian organization; you can take advantage of the Haitian airlines opportunities if you so wish.

When the earthquake struck Haiti everyone’s attention focused on Port-au-Prince, yet many smaller cities surrounding Cap Haitien are in dire need of assistance. Buildings are badly damaged and there is a limited supply of water and food. Now, more than a year after the earthquake, Cap Haitien, the main artery connecting these smaller northwest parts of the island, is busier than ever. Aside from visiting family members, many organizations are interested in flights to Cap Haitien, as they want to help people who still do not have where to sleep, they suffer from wounds inflicted at the earthquake or have anything to eat. Humanitarian organizations can take advantage of the charter flights that are offered to them and book airline tickets in advance.

Today, Cap Haitian is the hub that is helping these smaller cities get a fresh start. We should not be surprised that there are airline companies out there that put charter flights to Cap Haitien on the top of their priority list, along with other Haiti destinations, so that they welcome those who want to help, whether they come from humanitarian organizations, different charities or other governments. Everyone needs to bring his or her own contribution and sometimes this contribution might be represented by physical help, bringing medical supplies or providing small rations of food for those who do not have anything to eat. There are flights to Cap Haitien that have affordable prices, allowing you to get to the destination fast and safe.

Online, you have the opportunity to see the prices for the scheduled flights to Cap Haitien and decide on the one that is most convenient for your needs. Keep in mind that the flights to Cap Haitien leave from Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince and that reservations can be best made by email or phone. When considering the price, you will have to take two things into consideration: the first is represented by the number of people that are traveling to Cap Haitien and, second, the availability of cargo space.

Resource Box: So if you want to reach Cap Haitien, you can book your ticket on one of the flights to Cap Haitien right here!

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