The R4-DSi card is a great item which is a champin card 

Now Nintendo games are very popular among so many people why there are so many people love this card?In my opinoin beacuse of the high speed of updating of games

by Hu xiaoke Tuesday, May 03, 2011
Now Nintendo games are very popular among so many people why there are so many people love this card?In my opinoin beacuse of the high speed of updating of games,so everybody enjoys playing Nintendo games.The R4-DSi card is relesed by the offical team,it is a great card that come with numerous features and benefits for their users.Now the following information will give some details about the card which will help people who is interested in this card.

R4i-SDHC cards Description
This R4i-SDHC is also known as Red R4i-SDHC.It is a SLOT-1 flash card for DSi console.It is the update version of R4 with multi-media features.

R4i-SDHC supports SDHC and can run most of the games and homebrews.What's more these flash cards are amazing models that arrives getting a complete solution.Potential customers will not should purchase any additional equipments and factors to set up these devices.They are amazingly individual friendly and effortless to use.The R4 DSi backup flash cards are one of the most well-known engineering for actively playing backup Nintendo DS gaming titles also regarded as NDS ROMs.They are slot one storage space models which work getting a common peripheral.R4 DS stands for Revolution for the Nintendo DS.The ability of those flash cards can assortment from 2GB to 32GB.

What are the mian features of this R4-DSi card?
Official R4i-SDHC Features List

● World New Download Engine For Games.
● A card provides all NDS games and unprecedented experience to the player.
● Users just one click away from playable games download.
● WIFI search engine function available with NDS/NDSi/NDSi LL. Users are able to search and
download the games and the latest game information according to their own preferences
anytime, anywhere.
● You will be able to manage your NDS/NDSi/NDSi LL download by distance control through WIFI
once you install our Games-Engine Assistant on your computer. Users only need to click on the
games they want to download on NDS/NDSi/NDSi LL and the games can be downloaded
automatically tothe assigned computers. This can avoid the annoyance of waiting during the
download process.
● Through our PC-based Games-Engine Assistant software, it is able to download our website's
NDS games quickly and easily.
● Core upgrade automatically through WIFI of NDS/NDSi/NDSi LL to avoid tedious upgrading steps.
● Able to memorize and restore to the previously selected game or application after restarting
machine and soft reset.
● Sleep mode function, for power saving and longer standby time.
● Multi-languages are optional, they are Simplified Chinese, complicated Chinese, English, Japanese,
French, German, Italian, Spainish and Dutch.
● Friendly interface, easy to operate.
● Realtime smart help windows.
● Integrated the latest Moonshell 2.0 Beta version.
● Game compatibility: 100%.
● No need to flash. Built-in launch Slot-2 (gba) function.
● Support SDHC micro sd cards (4GB、8GB、16GB、32GB).
● Support DMA read and no lag while using any microSD card.
● Support FAT16 and FAT32. Files can be transferred with PC, PDA, Cellphone and Camera.
● Support clean rom and drag-drop to play. Fast loading.
● Support NDS and iDS games. DS games can run on any DS versions.
● Files are to be saved directly to TF card, copy or restoration is not required.
● Automatically recognise saved new game types, no need to update the database.
● Support moonshell and home brew.
● Power saving design. Enter optimized mode automatically.
● Double screen UI, abbreviated picture and game title display, button and touch operations.
● Easy to use, setting or adjustment is not required.
● Support Wi-Fi, rumble pack and browser expansion.
● UI background can be changed.
● 4-level brightness adjustment.
● Support soft reset.
● Support AR cheat code.
● Support soft-reset of moonshell 2.0 (back to main menu of R4 NDSI by pressing START button).
● DLDI auto-patching.
● Support Download play.

R4DS Flash Cards user manual
For utilizing these flash cards, purchasers need to duplicate a pieace of software program regarded as R4 firmware that may nicely be downloaded by means of the standard internet website to the microSD card. You can purchase a complete backup arranged that R4 DSi that arrives using a SDHC card that allows people to store data on it.What all people should do is insert these SD credit history cards into their R4 card cartridges, and insert these cartridges into their Nintendo DS. For additional clarification, purchasers can be found throughout additional particulars on really several belonging for that on-line websites.The R4 DSi backup flash credit history cards is really a terrific system for purchasers to help save their favored games, music, films or photos. There are really several comparable models that are coming up to the market, so one should be cautious in choosing the right device. Beware of affordable imitation devices, thinking about which they are produced from affordable excellent and will not reside up for that customers'expectations.

In a word,the R4 - DSi backup flash cards is truly a wonderful experience that has turned Nintendo DS into a portable media station. Previously Nintendo DS was only used as a game console, but with these creative devices, it can also be used for other purposes.

welcome wii players sharing game experience with me here.

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