M3i Zero with Kingston / Sandisk 4GB Micro SDHC Card 

The M3i Zero is an updated M3 Real card which was produced for compatibility using the Nintendo DSi.

by Hu xiaoke Wednesday, May 04, 2011
The M3i Zero is an updated M3 Real card which was produced for compatibility using the Nintendo DSi.There is no GBA compatibility using the M3i Zero operating concerning the Nintendo DSi merely since it does not possess a GBA expansion slot.However,the M3i Zero can be used in GBA games on DSes/DS lites that have a GBA expansion cart.At precisely the exact same time,the m3i zero card has many unique features,such as, upgradable "Boot Flash data", upgradable "Kernel" and upgradable "Firmware" and so on,M3i zero DSi card may probably be the most potent flash card and best-selling merchandise in here! The M3 DS real could probably be the most advantageous merchandise currently available to the Nintendo DS/Lite.No does it require any additional Passcard or Passme devices to operate.You merely duplicate your fixture data or multimedia data onto a decrease cost, significant ability MicroSD memory space card,and then plug it into M3 Real,you can enjoy! In addition,You can hold out MP3's, research TXT books, and run all of your homebrew purposes with it.

The main Features of m3i flashcard:

* Compatible with DS , DSL & DSi .
* 100% game compatibility .
* supports Real Time Save function . (Save & Restore anytime, anywhere.)
* Supports Multi-Language System (English,French , Germany , Italian , Spain , Portuguese, Dutch, Korea & Thai Language .)
* Continue to update & frequency enhance software/ firmware.
* Support micro SDHC (capacity over 4GB, 8GB ,16GB & 32GB )
* Extreme simple to use, just plug & Play .
* Super Cheat Function
* Fully AR Cheat Code Compatible engine .
* Support reading individual cheat code file too. (xml, cht, dht, dat-R4 format)
* Supports software rest function .
* Support slow motion feature .
* Automatically detect and generate game save file .
* Excellent homebrew support ,DLDI auto-patcher
* Robust & skinnable GUI
* Build in PassMe .
* ntergraded least Moonshell 2.0 version .
* Supports download play .
* Supports rumble pack , GBA expansion pack & DS Browser .
* Supports 4-scale-lightness adjustment .

M3i Zero user manual

Flashing the middle firmware is not just a hard treatment and doesn't hold lengthy to do.In reality all you must hold out is to download the f_core.dat file and copy it to the root of your microSD/microSDHC, insert it in to the M3i Zero after which plug within supplied flashing cable tv set in to a USB port as well as the M3i Zero.The M3i Zero really should then start to flash possessing a red-colored gentle and when it's ceased the M3i Zero really should now have its major firmware.

What remains to be will be to complement a operating plan onto it and right here you've obtained a few of choices. Either you choose the aged Touchpad working method or even the brand new M3Sakura.The principal variation among the two are going to be the reality that Touchpad typically will get movement photo game fixes earlier regardless of the reality that m3i sakura system is a great offer nicer GUI.Copy across the operating system of your choice to the microSD/microSDHC and now you should ready to use your new M3i Zero.

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