Venelle Salon and Spa Brings Innovative Organic Solutions From Around the Globe 

From Facials to Unique Massage Techniques Venelle Salon and Spa Focus on Fine Natural Botanicals

by Ella Auerbakh Saturday, September 25, 2010
Today’s salon and spa marketplace is highly dynamic and incredibly competitive, with new techniques and modalities seeming to appear daily in hair, massage and body work, nails, cosmetics and every modern salon strives to provide. Venelle Salon and Spa, with a newly opened branch in the popular Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, has hit upon a unique a powerful modality to serve their clients. The spa focus is upon holistic and natural botanical products, ultrapure and imported specially from around the globe, permeating every aspect of their salon services. They feature the highest quality European hair colors and even their condition oil is a blend imported from Morocco.

Venelle Salon offers one of the most exciting alternatives to harsh chemical peels and facials. The Brooklyn Park Slope Salon and Spa focuses on specialty botanicals, including seasonally harvested fresh fruits and vegetables as part of their facially rejuvenating rituals. Whereas chemically synthesized Glycolic acid peels are a staple of most modern salons, Venelle realized that this is a naturally occurring organic botanical in certain fresh fruits, sugar cane, old wine and even milk. The emphasis here is on freshness and quality of natural ingredients, much like a fine restaurant or specialty food boutique.

Because of this core naturalistic philosophy, Venelle’s estheticians must have a more specialized training and knowledge base. There is equal care taken with the traditional and it is vital not only to adhere to the highest professional standards, but Venelle has created their own conception and protocol of the facial process, which they describe in terms of a cleansing ritual, as opposed to the more sterile ‘procedures’ of other salons, even though they do of course include all the most popular high end services, including Botox. The difference is in their method of application and the overall highly comprehensive process that goes along with any of their services. These rituals can also be combined with further specialty services like traditional Thai massages that are not offered at virtually any other facilities. The same attention to detail is demonstrated there as well, where a client can experience bodywork with five thousand years of unbroken lineage performed on handwoven and imported floor mats. Needless to say, there is equal care exercised regarding the aromatic oils that accompany the ritual.

Venelle Salon and Spa offer a wide array of these specialty facial treatments, geared to any budget or schedule. These range from the Organic Express, utilizing a custom-blended masque of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and herbs to nourish the skin without extractions to the latest generation of technology in skin care makes this most sophisticated anti-aging treatment a perfect choice for those wishing to see significant changes in how they look, without injections or surgery. This is the Beyond Botox organic facial, which will actually help repair the skin to markedly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as age spots. This treatment is also the perfect compliment for Botox users by addressing all of the aging concerns beyond what Botox can deliver. Venelle also supplies specialized treatments for sensitive skin, Rosacea and even a ‘back facial’ for men or women. What unifies all of their services is the extraordinary attention to the quality of the core botanicals upon which they base each and every treatment.

We welcome you to experience our professional services and luxurious spa treatments in the two-level historic Park Slope location. From the moment you walk in the door you are greeted by our friendly and experienced staff. Our treatments focus on a holistic health and utilize high grade ingredients derived from herbs, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and oils. At Venelle you will also find treatments geared towards men, expectant mothers, and couples. You will leave our spa with the deepest sense of harmony in your body, mind and spirit.

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