How to Become a Web Developer Part 1 

The well-structured web pages and applications used on the Internet are made available by the effort of designing some very creative

by Abhinandan  Garg Wednesday, May 04, 2011
The well-structured web pages and applications used on the Internet are made available by the effort of designing some very creative web developers. Web design and provide functionality through them is an art and if you are thinking of joining this group of art, there are a lot of skills you need to master before you begin to express on the canvas of the World Wide Web. Buzzle In this article, I shared some tips on how to become a web developer for beginners.

What is a Web developer?

Web page you see in front of your eyes is a working example of the type of web developers to participate in. Create, publish and maintain aesthetically appealing web pages that provide the desired functionality and interactive capabilities of users worldwide, through client and server code, is the work of web developer. Is an area where recent developments part of the story in a few months at best options is presented in order to be a web developer is constantly learning new things and try new things to create websites that achieve the desired functionality. Let me share with you the absolute essence you need to become a web developer in the following lines. Check out this article on job description development site for details.

Becoming a Web developer?

Web developers can be classified into two groups - the client-side developers and web developers web server side. A web page actually resides on the computer 'server', which is housed and made available to the vision of people 24x7. Each time you enter a website address in your web browser sends a request to the server, which in turn serves the client computer. The web browser reads the code and makes server to display the web page. A developer works on the client side client-side rendering of the page in the web browser, while a programmer on the server running on the supply side functionality of the server that makes the availability and functionality of web pages possible. These are the most important steps in training to become a web developer.

Master HTML and Web Design
The Hypertext Markup Language is the most basic thing you need to learn how to create a web page. It is the language that is understandable by the web browser to display web content in a specific way. You must have fluency in writing HTML code to create basic web pages. It is a very simple language to learn and will surely enjoy working with him. There are plenty of online tutorials and books to help HTML. Later one can also indulge in XHTML and XML markup languages that are more advanced.

Learn CSS Web pages represent Beauty
The cascading style sheets (CSS) is a more specialized language used in the provision of web page format to create web pages with aesthetic beauty. CSS mastery is an essential part of the training course to become a web developer. CSS works with HTML, XHTML and XML to create stunning web pages.

Learn JavaScript to create interactive web pages
All the functionality you see on web pages as the handling of forms, online calculators, etc., is made possible by the use of Javascript, a scripting language developed exclusively to provide added functionality in Web pages. Learning Javascript is essential, since you can use to interact directly with the user.

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