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by Robert Key Thursday, May 05, 2011
With the economy in the tubes and thousands of Americans being laid off each week, one is tempted to try a home based internet business that would generate thousands of dollars all while sitting at home in a bathrobe.

Thousands of these multi-level marketing programs have been labeled as scams and cocksure ploys to fleece people into throwing money into a system that doesn’t pay out. Secret Formula Webinar is one home based internet business that people say works.

"Finally a system that works. Mr. Dowell has definitely perfected the system of duplication and leverage with the usage of a live center," said H. Sullivan about Secret Formula Webinar.

Andrae Dowell is an internet marketing guru who for the last five years has demonstrated how successful people can be through his Direct sales opportunity. His website, gives people the answers they’ve been looking for in starting and running a successful home based internet business.

The most unique aspect of his business is that Dowell operates a live call center to close internet sales for his team. Dowell says the call center allows members to take full advantage of his direct selling opportunity so they can leverage their time generating new leads.

“The system is fully automated and the call center is truly the ‘holy grail’ for business opportunity seekers who have no sales experience. The results are astounding, I'm loving it!" said member Steve La Forge who has been a member of Secret Formula Webinar for three years.

Dowell explains in his blog that people are eager to make money, they just need to be given the right tools to succeed. He says it’s not the various network marketing programs that don’t work it’s the lack of experience in managing a sales generation process. Dowell says, “The ability to get leads and paying customers is the number one reason why people fail in network marketing; 90 percent of Internet Marketers fail due to lack of sales experience.”

Dowell’s system has helped people like Bill and Lupita, from Miami, who were suddenly out of work and under a mound of debt in 2004. They had tried other marketing programs but failed to turn a profit until they discovered the Secret Webinar Formula from an old classmate. Bill said, “Unlike other marketing programs, this one got down to the basics on how to do it, rather than all of the informative junk.” Within a few months they were able to relieve their debt load, move into a luxurious apartment and travel like they wanted.

It’s been said that you can make money at anything. With the uncertainty of corporate jobs these days one seems much better off working from a home internet business than being constantly laid off. It’s something that requires responsibility and motivation to succeed. As Secret Formula Webinar member Rick Spalding says, "One would definitely have to be allergic to money to not take advantage of this revolutionary opportunity.”

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