Looking At Short Sales In 2010 

The short sale business has opened new opportunities not just for home investors, but also for Realtor serving distressed homeowners and buyers.

by Jacob Bon Monday, September 27, 2010
The short sale business has opened new opportunities not just for home investors, but also for realtors serving distressed homeowners and buyers. This has made it all the more important to stay informed and work with real professionals. Short Sale Safe, a website dedicated to helping buyers and sellers make the most of short sales, now also caters to short sale realtors looking to know more about the industry and better help their clients.

A Short Sale is when a homeowner sells his home, which has depreciated to less than the mortgage balance; the lender agrees to accept a discounted payout. It is a popular option to avoid foreclosure when other workouts, such as loan modification, fail to bring them back current. Short sale realtor’s help sellers negotiate with banks and find buyers, and help buyers locate short sale homes and reach an agreement with the seller’s lender.

The demand for short sale realtors has gone up in recent years as the economic crunch has forced borrowers into financial distress. Many can no longer afford to pay for their homes and are facing foreclosure. Short sales avoid lengthy foreclosure proceedings and have a lower impact on credit, making it a more practical option for homeowners. With short sale realtors, a borrower can minimize losses both for himself and for his lender.

Home buyers have also benefited from the short sale market, with prices going as low as 40% less than the market value. First-time home buyers, spurred on by the federal tax credit program, have grabbed the opportunity and bought homes they could not have afforded earlier. Local and foreign investors have also worked with short sale realtors to get great deals on commercial and investment properties, which promise long-term profit.

Short Sale Safe offers resources for all parties involved in the short sale, from buyers and sellers to short sale realtors and attorneys. Articles, how-to guides, market updates, and an FAQ section allow readers to better understand short sales and make smarter decisions on their own. Regularly covered topics include choosing short sale realtors, the short sale process, negotiating with lenders, short sale laws, and alternatives to short-selling a home.

The company’s main service is representation for Short Sale Buyers and Short Sale Seller. The Short Sale Safe team can help sellers complete their lender’s short sale requirements, list the home for optimal exposure, and deal with potential buyers. They can also help buyers find the best short sale homes for their budget and negotiate with banks. Whatever the user’s needs, Short Sale Safe delivers the right information to help ensure the best results.

I am a short sale professional & have a good amount of knowledge in real estate industry. I love to be involved in healthy discussions related to real estate

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