Why It Pays to Have an Online Resume 

As a working professional, you are probably aware of something that is called a portfolio website – otherwise known as a place where you post your online resume.

by Gail Black Sunday, May 08, 2011
As a working professional, you are probably aware of something that is called a portfolio website – otherwise known as a place where you post your online resume. If you have not yet gotten around to doing this, you better hustle. There are several reasons why spending time making one will be good for your career. Even if you have a good job now, you never know when posting your resume online can put you in a much better place than the one you’re in now.

First of all, the most basic reason why it pays to post your online resume on a portfolio website is for visibility. Headhunters crawl the internet 24/7 and have slowly begun paying more attention to potential workers who have their own portfolio website and online resume. This opens you up to a variety of opportunities that you might have missed if you just simply contented yourself with sending emails or soft copies of your resume to potential employers. They will be very impressed if you set it up just right and thus making you a more favorable candidate for the job.

Second (and in connection with the first), having your online resume and portfolio website gives the impression that you know how to market yourself well. Many employers prefer potential employees who are confident in their abilities and can channel the newest and the latest means of declaring their capabilities. This gives them the impression that you are ahead of the game and how you market yourself can be easily translated into marketing their own products and services. If they are impressed with your online showcase, they will certainly look forward to your skills.

Third, setting up an online resume on a portfolio website need not cost a lot. You do not even need to pay for domain hosting, for there are so many online directories that you can join. You can even go the extra mile and post links of all past and previous projects and papers that you have made, thus removing the need for the addendum “please ask for a complete list of all my accomplishments” that was very common in hard and soft copies of resumes of the past. It gives the potential employer an in-depth look at what your actual outputs are from previous projects.

And finally, having your online resume translates into easy referral from your friends and other colleagues. A friend with good intentions might happen to know someone looking for a person with your skills, and all he needs to do is to forward the link to your online resume to get him to check you out. It is just a matter of time before you receive word from these people about setting up an interview of sorts – all without you having to go out on your own and submit your resume to them and just simply relying on word of mouth and your online resume to do the job. This is why you need to set one up right this very minute!
Do you already have a portfolio website ? Having an online resume could be very good for your career, so you should take time out to set it up as soon as you can.

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