A Resume Template for Every Industry 

Did you know that you can find a resume template for different kinds of occupations?

by Gail Black Sunday, May 08, 2011
Did you know that you can find a resume template for different kinds of occupations? While some tend to go with the more common theme of putting their education, work background and extracurricular activities, other resume samples have to be more specialized in order to catch the eye of the employer. Here are some industries where that might be very much applicable. You should definitely take notice for you might discover that this will apply to your own specialty and resume as well.

The world of arts is a very good example which will need specific resume samples. A resume template for the arts is highly different because of the “left of center” way of thinking. For example, one might have the requisite things like contact numbers, educational background and list of employers and any other credits and certifications. However, do not be surprised to find a resume template that has links to a website that showcases the majority of an artists’ work. They might even design the resume samples to show the art right there on the actual page itself.

For the media arts, a person might find that an online resume template that allows them to embed short video cuts of their work to be a very convenient way of showing the videos they are really proud of. Some edit theirs for length and appropriateness, but the most important thing is they are not only good on paper but they are also a good as they claim to be as evidenced by their output. The same thing goes for musicians who want to insert sound clips of their compositions and renditions that music clients can click on and listen all without having to leave the page.

In the world of interior design, a more interactive resume template to help the client navigate through his work may be more fitting than just plain PDF samples that the client will have to download and scroll through. Savvy computer users who happen to be interior designers will have a chance to let their prospective clients scroll through resume samples that allow them to navigate different rooms of a house to show how they designed it, or a 3D rendition of a building that is an architect’s pride and joy. This sure beats using old drawings and scanning them.

In the world of creating resume samples, a resume template is not a one size fits all thing. There are considerations that are closely guided by a specific user’s background, which will determine the power of the resume in catching and holding the attention of prospective employers. Using one will definitely make your resume stand out from the rest. It might take some time and creativity, but in the long run it will definitely be worth it when you have a resume that employers and clients not only like but also compel them to get in touch with you as soon as possible. This is when you will know that you have succeeded in designing it appropriately.
A resume template is handy to have, but there are some resume samples that are more specific to particular industries. Here are some of those.

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