The Best Make up Brushes you can Find 

by Layla Kent Monday, May 09, 2011
As is true with any kind of art, the success in getting a good makeup of the face done depends on the kind of tools like make up brushes that are made use of to apply the various colors. A few women are expert at applying cosmetics by making use of just their fingers but the most excellent make up brishes are the ones will deliver the perfect effects in the right places.

The basic of all make up brushes that must be there in the makeup set of every woman is the brush used for powdering the face or the powder brush. This type of make up brishes is the full kind and is the biggest of the set and they are designed so as to apply the loose kind of makeup powder on the wearer’s face. Twirling strokes upwards of this kind of brush on the face assist in preventing patchy caking of the makeup powder on your facial skin. Then you have the foundation brush which is flat and comes with bristles which are soft and is normally used to apply liquid or cream based foundation. A foundation brush which is soft could be made from natural material like sable fur or synthetic material too which is smooth and washable.

Yet another type of make up brishes is the Kabuki brush which comes from the theatres of Japan where the performers required a thick, large and at the same time soft brush with which to extremely quickly apply makeup that is heavy. The conventional Japanese plays display the dramatic artistry of makeup done with the Kabuki brush. Today, you find that the Kabuki brushes are getting to be extremely popular along with mineral based makeup. This type of make up brushes have bristles that are coarse and which can pick up powdered and loose minerals with ease thus helping deposit the mineral foundation on the skin with some strokes of buffing.

Concealer brushes are another type of make up brushes that are meant only for applying concealer. Since they are used to hide imperfections in the skin like rough edges, zits and skin discoloration, these make up brishes must be available in the right weight and form. The brush with a head that is normally square and tapered is used around the area of your eyes while round tapered brushes are used to hide blemishes on other parts of the face. The concealer brushes must have long handles for flexibility when it comes to applying under eye makeup and their weight should be just right so that you can put the exact pressure and do not have to strain your hands. Any blemishes should be dabbed with concealer and then blended properly with a few short and precise strokes of the makeup brush.

The ideal blush brush must have a whole head of bristles which are tapered slightly for natural and uniform distribution of the blush color. The make up brushes that come with rouge or other makeup most often have bristles which are too hard and they pick up more color than you really need. But if you buy the special kind of make up brishes you will be able to blend the rouge naturally into the skin from the mound of the cheek up towards the hairline.

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