Online Counseling Site takes Anxiety out of Method 

by Robert Key Tuesday, May 10, 2011
For some unknown reason, we become defensive when a friend or family member suggests that we should seek counseling for a work-related problem or love interest. In an independent age, it’s hard to go out the door and say, “I’m going to my counselor today.”

Many counseling patients are finding a new way to relieve the additional stress and anxiety associated with going to a counselor. A new online counseling firm called The Therapy Hour has made it easier to access a counselor online to talk about life’s issues.
The Therapy Hour is a psychotherapy and counseling practice that offers a range of services from telephone counseling to online counseling and face-to-face counseling.

Many clients have found it easier to open up about themselves by trying this method of online counseling:

"Absolutely brilliant, [The Therapy Hour] has given me an understanding of why I behave in the manner I do—opening up and talking really does help," said Charles Farnsworth.

It’s normal for newcomers to counseling and psychotherapy to feel a little intimidated by the idea of this rather mysterious process, according to the The Therapy Hour.

“We aim to demystify what we do – clients often comment on our down-to-earth and accessible approach,” said Admissions Manager Cindy Wayfield, “Our aim is ultimately to help you understand yourself and your behaviour. We feel that goal is best achieved by working in a non-threatening, straightforward and inclusive way.”

Their psychotherapy services also include life coaching, relationship counseling, parental coaching and teen counseling. The practice was established and is directed by Erika Lawal, a UKCP registered psychotherapist, and supervisor and trainer of a small hub counselors and highly qualified psychotherapists. The Therapy Hour is a culmination of 25 years experience of psychotherapy work in statutory, voluntary and commercial organisations and private referrals.

Although seeing a real-life counselor is recommended, online counseling offers additional benefits such as saving petrol and time spent driving. Getting started with an online counselor removes those excuses we throw up to avoid things we find difficult; “I don’t have time for that this week,” or “I can’t face sitting in front of someone who will judge me” are both examples of avoidance strategies clients of traditional counseling regularly throw out.

When we take that first step, the process gets easier, as Jennifer Littlejohn attested, "I found that the kindness, understanding and empathy shown by my counselor truly helped me to identify and work through the problems that I was experiencing in my workplace."

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