Insider tips so you make the most out of your next holiday to Las Vegas 

What's Vegas Really Like?

by paul mccarthy Tuesday, May 10, 2011
So you’re heading out on a holiday trip to Vegas but you have no idea what to expect. You’ve seen Ocean’s Eleven, and you’ve heard your friends talk about it, but what is Vegas REALLY like? And, what insider tips should you be aware of so that you make the most of your holidays to las Vegas? Read on to find out…

Desert Life…

Yes, Las Vegas is in the desert. And that means a couple of things: Firstly, during the day it’s warm pretty much all year around although during the winter months a jacket is still definitely recommended – especially at night at the temperatures do tend to fall quite low.
During the summer, you’ll be at the mercy of relentless sunshine so lip balm, sun cream and some form of headwear is a must. If you go to Vegas during the summer then in all likelihood you won’t see a cloud during your entire visit (I’m serious!) so fair skinned travellers – you have been warned.
Frustratingly, while you’re in danger of roasting outside in the sunshine, when you enter a casino you could find it a chilly affair with most casinos at a very cool 60F. Most people find that a light removable garment can come in handy when walking around the casinos.

Transportation to your Hotel

Once you get off your plane, you’ll want to get to your hotel as soon as possible and there is plenty of transportation at your disposal. If you venture out in 2012, then you may be one of the first travellers to take advantage of the proposed monorail – construction hasn’t started yet, but will complete early next year.
Most travellers jump into a taxi with a waft of traveller’s cheques and get themselves into a predicament right out of the gates as most taxi drivers aren’t willing to accept traveller’s cheques so you’ll need $20 or thereabouts for the 10 minute journey from the airport to your hotel.

Special Events...

Fights, concerts, rugby tournaments…All sorts of special events that take place in Vegas. If you’re flying out specifically for a popular event (the Superbowl is the most notorious..) then you should know that the hotels have a nasty habit of overselling rooms! This can leave you with a surprise when you go to check into your hotel room and find out that your room has been given to someone else…
Of course, you’ll be offered compensation on arrival, but this is clearly not a good answer for most holiday makers. Here’s my advice – phone up the hotel at least a week before you’re due to fly out to make sure everything is OK. If you’re going through a third party then contact the las vegas holiday company that you booked with and ask them to check with the hotel directly on your behalf.
Whilst this isn’t the ideal solution, it covers your back and gives you a little bit of leeway to make alternative arrangements if the hotel has bumped your room to someone else.

Drinks, Anyone?

Are the casinos just friendly or are they trying to get your drunk so you lump your life savings on blackjack? Either way, while you’re gambling in one of the various casinos in Vegas, you’ll often notice servers who are more than happy to keep you topped with free drinks…Or even a free cigar, too, in some casinos…
If you want constant service then you’ll need to tip the server – otherwise your supply of “free” drinks may be limited.
Like someone wiser than me once said – there’s no such thing as a free lunch.


While walking up and down the strip you’ll be handed all sorts of fliers for escort services and strip clubs. Just to clarify: prostitution is illegal in Las Vegas, although it’s legal in other areas of Nevada.
While some of the canvassers are very prominent and can be a bit “in your face” with their fliers and advertisements, you’ll find that they aren’t aggressive and you can just walk past them without any worries.

Nothing Ever Sleeps

If you’re peckish at 3am in the morning then by all means go and grab a burger, or something. They call New York the city that never sleeps, but Vegas would give NY a run for its money! The casinos never close while bars and clubs are open into the early hours of the morning on the most popular nights. As with most things in Vegas – normal rules don’t apply!

Staying Connected…

If you need an internet connection whilst in your hotel then be prepared to pay premium prices. Prices vary from one hotel to the next but you can expect spend somewhere in the region of $5 for just 10 minutes access. A far better option for the price conscious traveller is to head over to Cyber Shop Internet Café where you’ll be able to get internet access for as little as $8 for 30 minutes or $12 for a full hour.

Crossing the Traffic

The Las Vegas strip is a busy, busy place – with at least 3 lanes of traffic going each way. Crossing the road can sometimes be a little like a chicken run if you don’t cross in the right places…
Safety first: look left, right, left, walk and then keep on looking while you walk. Heck, the taxi drivers are the worst – if you see one of those coming your way then don’t bank on that thing stopping! Sin City is named as such because it breaks all the rules, unfortunately that remains true on the roads…

Las Vegas is one of the most magnificent cities in the world. Visiting here should be on everyone’s bucket list – simply because there’s nowhere else quite like it in the world. There are just a few little things that you need to be aware of to fully enjoy your stay here and make the most of your little excursion! First time gamblers remember – always go for black!

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