Tips for traveling to Costa Rica on a Budget 

by Jayson Acosta Thursday, October 14, 2010
Be flexible: During the peak season many of the popular spots in Costa Rica are reserved. Choice hotels and resorts may actually be booked during the “hot season”. If you can be flexible in your “time to go” or in your choice of “where to go” you can actually save quite a bit.
Live like a local: Picking hotels instead of resorts will save you a bundle. If you really want to explore Costa Rica stay in “rustic” type hotels, owned by locals and not huge corporations. Chances are they will have local connections, better food and a less generic “American” resort feel. Best part is, you don’t compromise your trip this way, these local hotels are quite nice!

Eat like a local: Many resorts will recommend very posh restaurants that really have nothing to do with local Costa Rican food. You will end up paying over $80 for two, and your will get a semi local dish with a huge price tag .Your exploring a new country, try what the locals have to offer! There are so many great places to eat. You will find that these local restaurants are very nice, have many locals eating there, and the food is great at the right price!

Rent a Car or not?: If you don’t want to stay by the pool all day, which some do and I don’t blame them. But many want to get out and explore Costa Rica. Your choice is to rent a car and leave when you want, or go on day trips from the hotel. This works for some, but for the active and adventures you might want a car during your stay. You can go all day and explore many different activities and restaurants during your stay. It really gives you the independence from tourist trap type day trips. You will also save if you want to try a few different hotels in some different areas of Costa Rica rather than taking a bus.

Pick the right booking agent: Many of the large booking companies that don’t work in Costa Rica don’t get the same rates as local booking agents. Companies like that are easy to browse but can’t offer the same support or price that a local Costa Rican tour company can offer. If you looking to stay on a budget companies like Costa Rica Cheap and a few others are set up to book the same packages for lower rates. Come see what Costa Rica has to offer and like most you will be a return traveler!

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