Avatan Offers Range Of Plastic Shelving For Small and Medium Businesses 

by robin jackman Wednesday, October 20, 2010
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Avatan’s Plastic shelving offers small and medium businesses one of the most versatile and affordable storage solutions, helping them adapt to changing circumstances and expand easily when opportunities arise.

Middlesex, United Kingdom, October 11th, 2010 – Plastic Shelving from Avatan provides small or medium businesses one of the most affordable and versatile storage facilities, providing a cheap way of storing products in what is often limited space. For small or medium businesses which may be undergoing a number of changes or expansions in the future, Avatan’s range of plastic shelving offers a more versatile solution than heavy metal or wooden shelving, or fixed shelving.

Avatan is one of the leading UK retailers dealing in plastic shelving and pallet racking, offering a wide range of plastic shelving and plastic storage solutions for small and medium businesses. Despite the fact that the plastic shelving and storage solutions available from Avatan are already extremely competitively priced, they are also pleased to be able to provide a wide selection of used plastic shelving which is still in excellent condition, but at even greater discounted prices.

Besides offering a wide selection of very affordable and highly durable plastic shelving, Avatan also provides a selection of storage solutions ranging from plastic storage boxes to pallet racking. Avatan knows that small or medium businesses are constantly looking for affordable solutions that help to increase storage efficiency and maximise the ability to store products in a way which is secure, safe and convenient. Whether purchasing new plastic shelving or used plastic shelving, customers taking advantage of the storage solutions from Avatan are provided with a real advantage when it comes to versatility, adaptability and expansion.

For more information about Avatan or to find out more about the range of plastic shelving which are available, visit their website at http://www.avatan.co.uk/

About Avatan
Avatan is one of the UK's leading suppliers of plastic shelving, pallet racking, storage boxes and other storage solutions for small and medium businesses.

Avatan Handling Equipment Ltd
27 Blythwood Road
United Kingdom
Telephone: 020 8429 4444
Email- adamknight1986@gmail.com
Web site- http://www.avatan.co.uk


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