Why Teens Love Scary Stories 

Author Travis Thrasher shares his thoughts on why teens love scary stories. His latest release, Solitary, is the first in a new series for young adults.

by Audra Jennings Tuesday, October 26, 2010
Every year, the entertainment industry prepares for another deluge of spooky stories right around Halloween. Many of these are directed toward teens and twenty-somethings. If you’d like a quick sample of this, go to the iTunes “Essentials” page for Halloween. This shows you their picks for movies, books, and CDs to get you in the mood for a scare.

When I was a teen, I loved being scared. I remember watching the first Friday The 13th movie at my grandparents late at night when they were already asleep. They had HBO and this was my first time watching a movie my parents wouldn’t have wanted me to watch. It really freaked me out. Yet I also loved being freaked out. So began my love of all things scary.

Why do teens especially love dark and spooky stories?

There are probably lots of reasons, but I think one reason is because they’re coming-of-age and these stories speak truth to them. Obviously a guy in a mask chasing teens with an axe can’t communicate deep spiritual truths, but it can reflect the oppressive world out there. Let’s be honest---teenage years are tough years. You suddenly start getting a taste of what real life is all about, and sometimes it’s scary. Real life is painful. Real life is full of tragedies and unexplained mysteries.

Horror movies and novels get to the core of those fears. I believe that’s one reason teens flock to them.

I’m channeling some of that in The Solitary Tales. I’m taking a teenager’s interest (my own interest) in the supernatural. I’m also trying to blend an authentic sixteen-year-old’s experience with a dark and twisted tale.

I never want to say that The Solitary Tales are a “Christian alternative” to the stuff that’s out there. I want it to be put into the same category as the vampire novels, as the spine-tingling tales that are already out there. I want these stories to stand on their own, and I want readers to fall in love with Chris and the mysteries of Solitary.

Yet I can’t escape putting myself in these stories. The insecure teenager who loved watching those scary movies. Or the insecure adult trying to make sense of the darkness in the world. I believe in the darkness, but I also believe in the light that controls it.

It’s so easy to say “here’s a Christian version of blah-blah-blah.” But I want The Solitary Tales to stand on its own as a scary set of teen novels from a guy who likes stuff like that. I can’t help but let my worldview shine through. There is hope at the end of these stories, the same way I believe there is hope for us after this life. But that doesn’t mean this life is going to be nice and shiny and easy. And sometimes, for some, the story doesn’t end with hope. That’s life, and that’s what teens are starting to come to grips with as they grow closer to adulthood.

View the Solitary book trailer!

Hidden secrets provide the magnetic force that draws Chris Buckley and Jocelyn Evans together in the town of Solitary, North Carolina. There is no resistance strong enough to prevent these two young people from being pulled into the terrifying reality that has remained hidden in this town for so long. Travis Thrasher brings his talent to the young adult market in his latest horror tale, Solitary. Blending the sinister power of secrets with the unyielding power of young love, Thrasher creates a tale that will draw readers deep within this rural town and into the darkened hearts of the people who reside within this isolated mountain community.

Sixteen-year-old Chris Buckley has moved to the town of Solitary, North Carolina, with his mother, and he immediately senses that there is something dark lurking beneath the surface of the community he now calls home. Chris also discovers something far more powerful and unexpected than the unusual people of Solitary. He discovers that it is possible to love someone else enough to risk everything—even life itself. Jocelyn Evans repels Chris with as much power as she draws him to her heart when they first begin their relationship. As their emotions strengthen and grow, Chris learns that Jocelyn harbors terrifying secrets about the town and the evil that lurks within its residents. By the time Chris faces the horrifying reality of the evil forces at work around him, he realizes that living a life without Jocelyn is even more frightening.

Solitary: Book 1 in the Solitary Tales Series by Travis Thrasher
David C Cook/August 2010
ISBN: 978-1-4347-6421-8/336 pages/softcover/$14.99
www.davidccook.com ~ www.travisthrasher.com

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