Airplane Sickness - How To Stop It 

Traveling is indeed fun exciting and exhilarating But if you will experience airplane sickness surely you will not enjoy much in the trip As you travel you are given the opportunity to meet new people visit new places taste different delicacies and experience various cultures Thus you have to ensure

by John Abston Wednesday, May 11, 2011
Traveling is indeed fun, exciting and exhilarating. But if you will experience airplane sickness, surely, you will not enjoy much in the trip. As you travel, you are given the opportunity to meet new people, visit new places, taste different delicacies and experience various cultures. Thus, you have to ensure that you feel well during the entire trip for you to fully enjoy the things that are waiting to surprise you. Motion sickness is one hindrance to this. As you ride the plane, motion or airplane sickness may attack and will make your uncomfortable, dizzy and nauseated. If you will experience this, you cannot surely enjoy the trip. Thus, you need to learn on how to stop it immediately.


One of the best treatment that you can try is nutmeg. As soon as you feel that something is not right, you can get a nutmeg and place it under your tongue. It helps in making you calm and stabilized. Make use of this simple treatment to experience fast relief from the discomfort.


Ginger is commonly used by a lot of people to avoid motion or air sickness. Ginger can be in a form of tea. Bring a ginger tea bag with you and ask the attendant to provide you with hot water. Begin sipping the tea before the flight. Ginger is proven to prevent nausea and thus it reduces the chance of having discomforts during the trip.


Before you leave, you have to ensure that you have eaten well. It is not good to have an empty stomach if you are traveling. You need glucose from the food that you eat to keep you calm and relaxed in the trip. But what you just need to remember is to avoid foods that may irritate your stomach like spicy or fatty foods. These may trigger nausea.


You have to ensure that you only travel with the plane where you are comfortable with. If you have a plane of your own, the better since you will be able to relax well while traveling. If you do not have, you have to choose the best seat in the plane where you think you are most comfortable with. If you want to see a nice view. Choose the seat near the window. Seat at the exit area if you want to have more space but avoid the one near the rest room or lavatory.


Sometimes, traveling may cause you to become anxious about a lot of things. This anxiety may trigger your body to produce hormones that can cause motion sickness. Thus, it is important that you remain relaxed. Get enough sleep before you travel for you to be calm and cool.

As you travel, it is very important that you are feeling well so that you will be able to enjoy the trip fully. To avoid motion sickness, you may follow the tips mentioned. Thee will surely guide you on the best thing that you can do.

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