Guide to Buying a Used Car 

If you've finally decided to buy a used car instead of buying new, you may be eager to find a second hand dealer near where you live.

by Mark Paul Friday, October 29, 2010
If you've finally decided to buy a used car instead of buying new, you may be eager to find a second hand dealer near where you live. But beware, before you find your future car is important to learn some tips for buying a used car. You must be prepared to buy a second hand car, because you do not see and buy. Sure to find very cheap prices, but you have to check that there is a car with a history of rulings that went crazy insurance to its current owner. It's your risk; you have to be very cautious.

Here are some things you can do to buy a used car

Research. Find information dealer used cars where you buy, also the car. Look well what kind of car you need and looking for a model. You will also need to make comparisons between different models and see characteristics to decide.

Look at the paper reviews the cars. Looking at this document, you can see if you have made the necessary revisions. Plus you'll see the homeowners who have had the car and if it is used for rent.

Ask to stop driving. You can see how they respond, if what you want, if the address is good, do it calmly.

Check it all outside the car, if you had any twist or have areas repainted for some reason.

The odometer. Do not buy cars with many miles as they will find it easier to fail, but neither car with few miles and it has always been "tricked" the odometer to sell before.

Paying attention to price. Look how much is that model still new and looking for other models of the same year and miles like to make a comparison. If the car you want has a price that is far from the mean, both being more expensive and cheaper can take care surprise.

It is important to research as comprehensive as possible and find where to buy or sell used car . A good place to find used cars is public auctions. Usually cars are usually in very good condition.

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