Inner Metamorphosis University in Chicago Offers Free Weekly And Daily Mediation Classes 

by Pooja Bhutani Thursday, May 12, 2011
Inner Metamorphosis University (IMU) is offering free weekly and daily meditation classes in Chicago, USA. Meditation has now become an important ingredient of our daily lives and helps greatly reduce stress levels and bring peace and joy in our lives. Meditations also help us in becoming more conscious of ourselves which in turn reflects in whatever we are doing, whether be it our working environment, our relationships and the way we deal with situations and people in general. Most importantly it makes us alert of our own behavior and patters and gives an insight to transform them.

Inner Metamorphosis University, Chicago was established with a vision to provide a meditative space that offers an inspiring, encouraging and supportive place and framework for the inner inquiry and journey. Meditation, like other forms of creativity, is an aristocracy of being. It brings a refined luxury in our lives and through simple means of deepening the awareness, lets us enjoy and celebrate the ongoing mysterious reality that surrounds us. A certain time during the day can be utilized to practice such techniques and go deeper into ourselves.

The free weekly and monthly meditative events at Inner Metamorphosis University Chicago include:

Daily Silent Sitting: This 90-minute free session is based on just witnessing the thoughts and emotions and just let them pass by without any judgment. This can be practiced by anyone coming from any cultural or religious background without having any conflicting theologies. The silent sittings help us to be aware of the purity of the moment and bring us to our roots from the world of the many. It is a free event and does not require any pre-registration.

Weekly Total Dancing Session: This one hour Wednesday event in the afternoon is to put all our ambitions and goal-oriented mind to the side and just enjoy dancing totally like a small child. Dance is bridge from our current state to the state of intensity, receptivity and joy. Celebrate and rejoice in 40 min of total dancing and 20 min of resting in silence. This event is for everybody looking for a good meditative recreation at the end of a working day and also helps in keeping the body fit and flexible. Everybody is welcome to join the event and does not require pre-registration.

Weekly Free Meditation Introduction: Bring your queries about meditations and other aspects of human psychology in this one hour Thursday event in the afternoon. You will also be introduced to guided playful meditative exercises helping you in the search of authentic joy and peacefulness.

“The Work” of Byron Katie: This donation based event is held every Friday for two hours in the afternoon. The work helps in identifying, questioning and undoing thoughts of fear and suffering. Join or just observe the event to get ready to be free of stressful thoughts that cause you suffering. The process is to take your thoughts and write them down and then ask four questions and turn it around.

Besides the above meditation events, Inner Metamorphosis University, Chicago also offers other meditation classes, enlightening events, workshops and retreats that include a variety of ancient and new practices using expressions of the different emotions and feelings, awareness-oriented activities such as hiking meditation, breath-awareness, and periods of silence

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