Different types of trailers 

by jay fonti Thursday, May 12, 2011
Trailers are an important part of logistics. In order to understand the truck industry a familiarization with the different types of trucks is necessary. These types fulfill different requirements of transportation by people.

Travel Trailers

Travel trailers is a sort of a caravan which is towed behind a vehicle. This type of truck is mostly used for personal transportations in long journeys. They can be used as a shelter or a house as well for the time they are being used. People use it to put all types of requirements necessary in travelling. These are light and spacious trailers available in different styles and patterns which make them attractive for users to use as homes while travelling.

Open Trailers

These are also sort of travel trailers but for equipments and goods that need to be transported to a particular destination. These are not large trucks used for heavy loadings hence they are not used for towing materials that can be broken easily. Usually material that needs to be disposed off is loaded in this small truck.

Enclosed Trailers

These are protective general purpose trailers that are used for carrying machines and small equipments. These trailers are used for materials that cannot be exposed to weather conditions while transporting. There is no harm of tampering goods in these trucks at any point. These are also costly trucks for transportation and available in different sizes.

Semi-Trailer Trucks

This is a large truck without a front axle but a tractor attached with another trailer. It can be coupled and uncoupled. This type of truck is mainly used for commercial purposes. Semi-trailer trucks are very large and used for carrying heavy loads or large quantities to a particular place. It is beneficial in case of a tractor unit breakdown. Tractor units can be exchanged for the trailer causing fewer delays in transportation.

Tanker Trailers

Tanker trailers are used for carrying liquid and are a sort of an extra caution trailer. This type of trailers requires frequent cleaning to remove any residues of the liquid being carried to refrain from contaminating other liquids to be carried. Mostly such trailers contain patrol, cement and chemicals that are to be transported without spilling danger.

Flatbed Trailers

Flatbed trailers are open from all side and appear as a flat surface placed over tires. These are used to transport heavy material like cars and heavy machinery which might use cranes in loading them on the trailer. As these are exposed from all sides there is danger of material falling but usually railings surround the materials to protect them.

Livestock Trailers

These also come in different sizes to transport different kinds of animals and livestock to a destination. These trailers are also exposed either from all sides or one side by windows for ventilation purpose. Mostly demanded in places which require frequent transportation of livestock, they are available in small and large forms based on the requirement.

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