Supercard DSTWO user manual 

DSTWO is the next technology flashcard, SuperCard team working almost 1 yeaar to released it.

by Hu xiaoke Thursday, May 12, 2011
DSTWO will most likely be the original flashcart getting built-in CPU through the world. It combines all the SuperCard DSTWO advantage and DS iplayer hi-tech purpose on operating tunes and HD movies.Still, using the built-in CPU,Supercard DS2 will hold you a hi amount and exceptional purpose to actively playing film games and media.Playing game has in no way been easier! So,if you're through the marketplace place for just about any sleek and feature-rich flash cart using the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi or DSi XL, the Supercard DSTWO could be the one for you!

DSTWO is the next technology flashcard, SuperCard team working almost 1 yeaar to released it. So it can be regard the 1st built-in CPU flashcard using in the world. DSTWO not just incorporated each of the benefit of DSONE, but in inclusion use it effective built-in CPU to provide extra miracle functions.

DSTWO effective CPU help built-in GBA/SNES emulator, help extra effective real-time functions. it is start from DSTWO, also it is the time previous DS.

Here is a details user manual about this card ,let us have a look,i am sure it is helpful to thoes people who is unfamilar with it.

Then there are 3 steps which can help you know more about this item.
Step 1 Download the OS from
Step 2 Unzip and copy the system folder _dstwo to the root of microSD.
Step 3 Copy the game files to the microSD, insert the microSD into DSTWO.

The hotkey of the DSTWO

Main menu instruction
File Operation File Management System (Copy, Paste, Cut and Delete).
Patch Enable/Display patch.
Cheat Code Enable/Display cheat code, set/change cheat code.
Save 4 save slots.
Brightness Adjust the brightness.
Skin Setting skin.
Language English/Chinese/French/Italian/Japanese/Spanish
display list/ico

Enhancements(Hotkey in game: L+R+A+B+X+Y)

welcome wii players sharing game experience with me here.

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