Stop Smoking Hypnosis with Trance Formations 

by Robert Key Friday, May 13, 2011
“One of the most common questions I get [about hypnosis] is ‘Are you going to make me bark like a dog’,” Wesley Anderson, Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy said.

Anderson says stop smoking hypnosis is not about mind control but allowing one to take control of their life and to maintain a healthy lifestyle on their own without continued hypnotherapy.

Anderson, an experienced hypnotherapist, has helped thousands of clients quit smoking and choose a healthy lifestyle since 1988. His stop smoking hypnosis program called Trance Formations has been recommended by doctors, chiropractors and other health care professionals in the Atlanta metropolitan area.

Anderson describes why hisAtlanta stop smoking hypnosis sessions work:

“One of the advantages of using hypnosis to stop smoking is that they’re no withdrawal symptoms,” Anderson said. He continued that if his patients stop smoking but gain weight then he helps them until they are in full recovery on their own.

Trying a stop smoking hypnosis session requires an open mind and revelations from the sessions can expose other areas of mental and emotional growth:

"Not only did you make the process of quitting smoking quite "painless", you also made it a pleasurable learning experience. I have had new insights into my own abilities and resources that I attribute to my session with you," Said D. Lewis

Although there are hundreds of ways to try to quit smoking,stop smoking hypnosis is the most successful method. According to Anderson, stop smoking hypnosis Atlanta measures up against the following:

• Willpower: 6%
• Self-help books: 9%
• Nicotine gum: 10%
• Hypnosis alone: up to 60%

Stop smoking hypnosis won’t take away all of your stresses and anxieties, but it will show you how to better manage them as C. Howard said, “I was relaxed and open to Dr. Anderson. It worked!! I went back to work with the same stresses that I had left but one thing was different I was a non-smoker."

Finally, stop smoking hypnosis is only as effective as you make it. But it can change the quality of your life and lifestyle forever, as D. Grimes said about Anderson’s stop smoking hypnosis Atlanta program:"You have a skill and knowledge that can help so very many people if they will only give you a chance! I will continue to encourage people to do so!"

Media Contact:
Wesley Anderson, DCH
Doctor of Clinical Hypnotherapy
309 E. Paces Ferry Road
Suite 404
Atlanta, GA 30305

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