Wedding Cross Stitch Kits 

by Layla Kent Friday, May 13, 2011
Cross stitch is a great way to produce unbelievable designs at the same time using your creativity. There are a variety of cross stitch kits available based on the method of stitching. You can choose from a wide variety and try your hand at any of them. There are stamped cross stitch kits, counted cross stitch kits, embellished cross stitch kits and no count cross stitch kits. You can also choose from wedding cross stitch kits, anniversary cross stitch kits, new baby cross stitch kits, christening cross stitch kits, cat cross stitch kits or flowers cross stitch kits.

In the counted cross stitch kit is included a pattern or chart of the design that you are to sew and you have to count the squares in your fabric or cloth as per the chart. It is quite simple to do this kind of sewing as if you want to replicate a particular design you can do so with ease; only thing is you have to keep track of where you have reached as per the pattern provided and count the squares correctly or you could make a mistake. You can find both wedding cross stitch kits as well as anniversary cross stitch kits in the counted cross stitch kind.

The next type of wedding cross stitch kits that are available are the stamped cross stitch kits which do not require any pattern or chart as the design comes printed on the fabric itself. Although it sounds pretty simple, getting the right colors especially when they differ by just a shade or two might be a bit cumbersome. To start with, if you are looking for anniversary cross stitch kits you can try out the ones with a simple design so as to reduce your chances of mistakes until you get used to the slight color differences.

If you are looking for a quicker stitching project in wedding cross stitch kits the embellished stitching kit is the right one for you. It is very much like the stamped kit as the design is printed on the fabric but in embellished kits, what you sew becomes the decorative part of the design. You need not sew out the entire design but you may concentrate on only those parts which are labeled on the printed cloth. Working anniversary cross stitch with such kits is pretty quick but not necessarily all that easy. Some of the designs in this range expect you to cross stitch at a certain angle which makes it difficult for you to match the embellished portion with the remainder of the design. Lastly, you have the no count cross stitch kits that come with a chart as to where to sew which colors but the outline of the figure is already printed on the fabric. It is a lot easier if you compare it to the counted kit as you don’t go only by the squares on the design.

Resource Box: So if you are looking for wedding cross stitch kits or anniversary cross stitch kits check out the wide variety available right here!

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