The Lotus Path: Workshops Link Participants to Their & Higher Self 

Good teachings are no longer hidden from see. You don't have to journey to India or to a remote spot any longer. A situation in position is the Lotus Route Workshops which are now represented on the Net by a new web-site: The Lotus Path Workshops are the brainchild of Bet

by Coy Weiss Saturday, May 14, 2011
Wonderful teachings are no lengthier concealed from watch. You don't have to travel to India or to a remote area any longer. A case in level is the Lotus Path Workshops which are now represented on the Net by a new web site:

The Lotus Path Workshops are the brainchild of Betty Malicoat, who obtained renown for her resourceful and progressive techniques whilst teaching English at Fresno State University before going on to building the Lotus Route Workshops.

The daughter of a vaudeville dancing mom, and a mystical father, Betty has blended artistic creativeness and deep spirituality in a series of workshops that are designed to "connect to the higher self and operate with divine energy."

Betty's childhood was steeped in spirituality and mysticism many thanks to her father, Joe Miller. Miller was a Theosophist and was renowned for his spiritual walks in Golden Gate Park which occasionally attracted several hundred participants.

The existing Lotus Path workshops combine the teachings of Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism and Hawaiian Shamanism along with Betty's innovative instructing techniques. The concept of the workshops is to assistance a man or woman attain his or her larger self by purifying chakras (the psycho-spiritual facilities of energy located on the spinal column), by activating the senses, and by utilizing creativeness.

The workshops are of quite a few sorts. For these individuals who do not have much time there are the one particular session "Traveler" workshops. This workshop aids the participant to "flip the mind on the Self" and to fully grasp how previous activities form the present.

A much more elaborate workshop is "The Journey: Spiritual Autobiography" This is a 6 session workshop that can be performed on consecutive days, weekend or even while in the course of one yr. The purpose of this workshop is to assist participants don't forget their path, to meet by themselves and to outline their objective in lifestyle.

Yet another common workshop is "The Tribal: Taking part in with Chi", created for couples and little teams who want a true sensory experience that shifts consciousness and frees wisdom.

The most sophisticated workshop is "The Quest: Shaman's Cave": A 3 session workshop for college students who want to know their greater self. The a few sessions have to be completed in one particular week, and are open to these who have participated in the Journey or The Tribal workshops.

The workshops are executed in the Sierra foothills of California among Fresno and Yosemite. Reservations can be produced by calling (559) 658-7742 or by browsing the web-site, exactly where regional lodging ideas are also provided.

A lot of persons incorporate periods at the Lotus Path along with visits to Yosemite and report that the workshops add a unique dimension to their vacations.

If you would like to truly know who you are and to hook up with your greater self check out the new Lotus Path web page or simply call for more data.

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