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Singapore Company Formation Service, We provide company registration,incorporation, immigration, accounting and taxation services to entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide.

by Christina Krotkova Friday, November 12, 2010
Nowhere else can one find a heritage site where scenery of theatrical performances, musicals, and recitals are held in a classic church and where shopping, dining, leisure and entertainment are housed in the same vicinity—except in Singapore, specifically, the Chijmes.

A member of the ASEAN, Singapore is a city-state where business becomes a lifestyle. Its consistent economic growth and political stability compels international surveys to name it the easiest place to convert an idea into a thriving business.

Asiabizservices, a Singaporean private limited company that provides business solutions to entrepreneurs in the local and abroad, specifies the diversity of the company registration services, particularly among foreign entrepreneurs.

“There are 3 ways that foreigners can register their company,” says a business consultant of Asiabizservices, “and these are a private limited company, limited liability partnership, and sole proprietorship.”

Being the most popular business structure registered in the city-state, a private limited company has a legal status distinct from its directors and shareholders who both maintain limited liabilities for debts and losses of the company. It can also be a subsidiary company.

“Unlike in partnerships and sole proprietorships, a private limited company is entitled to possess real estate properties and other assets, however,” adds the representative, unoblivious that both the media and the business aspirants are waiting for his next phrase, “it can also engage in a lawsuit either as the plaintiff or respondent.”

The summary setup requirements to register a private limited company include a minimum of 1 shareholder, a resident director, a company secretary, and a valid business address. In resident director requisite, Asiabizservices states an important consideration.

“The resident director appointed is one that holds a Singaporean citizenship, permanent residence, employment pass, entrepreneur pass, and dependent pass.”

On the other hand, the company secretary, according to section 171 of Singapore Companies Act must be a natural person maintaining an ordinary residence in Singapore and who must be knowledgeable about the Act.

Moving forward, a limited liability partnership is a concoction of a partnership and a private limited company structures. Its unique feature is the flexibility of running as a partnership while sustaining a separate legal identity.

Among the professionals engaging in this structure of business are lawyers, accountants, management consultants such as the Asiabizservices, and architects.

“To register, there must be a minimum of 2 partners that can be a living person or a company whether corporate or another limited liability partnership,” continues the business consultant, “and a valid company address that is not a PO Box, and a local manager.”

The requirement for being appointed as a local manager is similar to that of a local resident. Moreover, in a limited liability partnership, there is no maximum limit for its number of partners.

Moving further forward, the sole proprietorship, a structure wherein the rights to ownership, assets, earnings, and liabilities are maintained by one proprietor, is the simplest form of a company. Asiabizservices resumes in its elaboration.

“A sole proprietorship enterprise is not recognized as a legal entity, thus, it cannot enter into a lawsuit either as the plaintiff or respondent. Nor can it own properties by its name.”

Both the locals and foreigners—either another company or an individual—can register a company of sole proprietorship nature. However, for foreigners, they must appoint a manager who holds an ordinary residence.

In Singapore, foreign individuals and companies cannot register their own company, regardless of the structure, unless they possess an eligibility to do so. In order to push through with their business endeavors, they must engage the company registration services provided by a firm like Asiabizservices.

Generally, in employing the company registration services, the company fulfills all the necessary procedures as long as the required documents are provided by the foreign company or individual. Since Singapore offers the privilege of relocation, even the processing of working visas is facilitated by Asiabizservices.

From registration of a Singapore company to setting it up, Asiabizservices is a competent firm that has satisfied hundreds of entrepreneurs. Among its specializations include services such as accounting, company incorporation, providing a nominee director, and assisting in opening corporate bank accounts and compliance of requirements. is the leading company that provides Singapore Company Incorporation services to both local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors and offer consultation regarding the immigration and taxation, accounting and book keeping requirements, and other business compliance matters. AsiaBiz has successfully helped thousands of foreign and local entrepreneurs start a Singapore Sole Proprietor.

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Singapore Company Formation Service, We provide company registration,incorporation, immigration, accounting and taxation services to entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide.

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