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However too much red can lead to over-stimulation, arguments and stress. Green is the colour of growth, restoration and balance - all good positive qualities to have in your life. However too much green, or too much of the same shade, can lead to stagnation, boredom and blandness. One simple tip

by George Briggs Saturday, May 14, 2011
A set of furniture (shorn of its wall-hangings but even now intact Gobelins covers) made for Moor Park in Hertfordshire, is housed in the Museum of Art in Philadelphia. A few of these rich ensembles are intact even now, but a collection of tapestries that had been made for a store at Croome Park in Warwickshire has been sold off for a sum of £50,000, and is now seen in the New York, Metropolitan Museum of Art. Yet again in France at Aubusson, tapestry panels, chair covers and also tapestry carpets were produced. Most of the output belongs to the nineteenth century, though the pattern of work is similar to an earlier era. Philip and Michael Wauters, supplying to foreign markets, they wove their tapestry in Antwerp. Works popularized by other plants were copied here with accomplishment, these Flemish tapestries were also at times confused with the English productions they copied. Brussels was the center head of tapestry weaving.

The Ansonia Brass Company was formed in Ansonia Connecticut in 1844. This company was started by Anson Greene Phelps, to take advantage of the fact that the low cost of brass was causing most clock makers to replace wooden parts with more durable brass. The clock company formed in 1850 when Phelps joined up with two clock makers, Theodore Terry and Franklin C. Andrews.

Franklin and Andrews were already the largest clock makers in Bristol, and the partnership helped both parties, by expanding Phelps business, and by providing Terry and Andrews with access to inexpensive high quality Brass materials. The two sold 50% of their business to Phelps, and moved the entire production to Ansonia.

The first great expansion occurred in 1877 when the company spun themselves off from the original brass company, and purchased expanded facilities in Brooklyn New York. This move also teamed them up with the famous clock designer Henry J. Davies, who is said to be responsible for many of the most unusual and desirable clock designs, that the company would eventually become well known for.

A second factory was opened in 1880, and by that time the company employed over 400 people to produce their clocks in both Connecticut and New York. In general the distinction between Connecticut and New York based Ansonia watches comes in 1880.

In 1880 the Brooklyn factory burnt down, costing the company an estimated $750,000. However by 1883 they had rebuilt and expanded on the original factory, enough so that they could close down the Connecticut location, and continue supplying vendors from the one, large, central space.

The late 1800's were a very prosperous time for the Ansonia Clock Company, and they were able to open sales offices in New York, Chicago and London. At this time they were producing over 250 models of clocks, and had an estimated inventory worth $600,000.

The early 1900's saw the decline of the company, as they were subject to fierce competition and low market prices. This price war drove the company to run up huge debts, and eventually forced them to sell their Brooklyn warehouse. They ended up selling off the rest of their equipment just before the stock market crash in 1929. The rights to the name were sold to the Ansonia Clock Co., Inc., in Lynnwood, Washington in 1969.

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