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In our contemporary world, it's difficult to consume exactly the same thing our paleolithic forefathers consumed, unless if we reside in the wild and hunt or gather each and every bit of food. That would likely to end up close to a full-time job, and definitely not a doable choice for a lot of peopl

by Donald Barry Saturday, May 14, 2011
Nowadays, it is difficult to eat exactly the same thing our paleolithic forefathers ate, unless if we reside in the wild and hunt or gather every single piece of food. That will likely to end up close to a full-time career, and definitely not a feasible option for a lot of people today.

Paleolithic nutrition did contain foods that were available, and harvestable naturally. This includes wild animals (not only grass-fed, but completely wild), wild plants, seeds, insects and in certain areas it was possible to locate nuts and fruits if they were in season (definitely not year-round).

Obviously we donít have the choice of eating this way today, but we do our best in order to imitate it. Doing the paleo diet doesn't involve living in a cave, or hunting our food with spears. We buy our food in the supermarket, and cook it ourselves in our modern houses on the stove or in the oven.

Through certain food choices we are able to imitate the actual paleolithic nutrition, which involves opting for food which is as little processed as possible, even organic if we can afford it. Additionally, it involves choosing meat which was pastured and grass-fed rather than factory produced like is typical in several western countries today.

The best bet we can make on imitating the exact paleolithic nutrition, is to consider the things our ancestors definitely didn't eat. We are able to virtually state like a fact they didnít eat food loaded with hydrogenated oils or high-fructose corn syrup. We can also be sure that they didnít eat refined wheat, as well as any sort of grain even given that they take such a long time to process.

They didnít eat chemically processed vegetable oils, and they also didnít eat anything packed with artificial sweeteners or preservatives. Iím pretty sure they didnít consume any low-fat milk products either or any canned or bottled soda drinks. Candy was not available in those times either.

We are able to get pretty close to imitating the actual paleolithic nutrition by eliminating these food types that we know are certainly products of contemporary industrial food production. A quotation that has stuck pretty much in my mind is: ďIf it looks as it was produced in a factory, donít eat itĒ. This is a golden rule, and if we follow it then we shouldn't have any problem experiencing and enjoying the awesome health benefits of true paleolithic nutrition.

The paleo diet is about making certain food choices, depending on how our paleolithic ancestors were more likely to eat. We canít really tell for certain exactly what they ate, but we can develop assumptions that are probably pretty accurate. These are the foods the paleo diet is usually based around.

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