New Advances in Male Hair Loss Medication 

by James Steve Monday, November 15, 2010
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London hair clinic reveals successful medications for male and female baldness

London, United Kingdom, November 9th, 2010 – World famous hair loss clinic, the Harley Street Hair Clinic ( has revealed success with some hair loss medication, as opposed to surgical intervention. While surgery is the only redress for some types of baldness, the Harley Street Clinic has pointed out that sufferers from normal male pattern baldness can experience some success by treating the condition early with normal medication: provided the medication is tailored correctly to the patient.

The Harley Street Hair Clinic is backing its statements by actually stocking and selling two types of hair loss medication – one a single branded bottle, the other a generic type that can be found on market shelves under hundreds of different names. The first, Minoxidil, is something of a hair loss wonder drug – it can promote not just the slowing or stopping of hair loss but even the re-growth of hair in thinning areas, provided that treatment is started early into the onset of baldness. Both males and females can benefit from the use of this medication, which is believed to stimulate hair growth by enlarging and opening the blood vessels around the sites of lost hair – thus promoting new flows of nutrition into the root beds.

The other type of successful hair loss medication stocked by the Harley Street Hair Clinic is an anti hormone drug – an inhibitor that specifically prevents the body from converting testosterone, the male growth hormone, into DHT (dihydrotestosterone), an androgen that causes male-pattern baldness. If the body is prevented from making the hormone, the baldness is slowed or even stopped.

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About Harley Street Hair Clinic
The Harley Street Hair Clinic is one of the UK’s leading hair clinics offering the revolutionary Follicular Transfer to treat male pattern baldness and female hair loss.

The Harley Street Hair Clinic
The Queen Anne Street Medical Centre
18-22 Queen Anne Street
United Kingdom
Zip Code: W1G 8HU
Telephone: 0207 177 2345
Fax: 0207 177 2346


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